Friday, February 10, 2012

The Merch Store is Alive!!

It's be a huge work in progress, but The Inklings of Life Merch Store is now up and running. You can click on the merch store picture below, and it'll send you right to it!
You'll find all kinds of goodies from coffee mugs to pillows, to womens and men's T-shirts!

More products on next page..

Most of the products are straight from The Inklings of Life, so if there's any craziness I've posted before that you think should be made into merchandise, just let me know and I'll create it!

And the new Man Philosophy section of Inklings?? Yep, all the sayings so far have their own T shirts!

#14 There are 2 ways to a man's heart.
One is his stomach.
The other one rhymes with wiener.

#9 Chick Flick
#37 The Game
Head there, check it out, share with your friends. We'll need all the help we can get for our kids' therapy bills in the future!!!

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