Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Official!

The Inklings of Life now has an official spot in the world wide web...

Check your address bar above...

It should say

If not, I'm firing google. Wait, can you fire google? Must look into that...

I've clicked it a million times already this morning, just to see it and giggle.

Way to screw up my own google analytics, huh?

Oh well. This new domain is coming with some merchandise here soon, so keep looking.

That's right, I said merchandise.

I'm so excited.

Now, back to y'alls regularly scheduled programming for the day.

Which means...


(I'm a Packers fan, but considering none of the other players besides Aaron Rodgers showed up for the playoff game against the Giants, and how I loathe Tom Brady, I'm supporting NY tonight. May the gods have mercy on my soul...)

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