Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happiness Comes in a Box??

Let me start out by saying I don't do reviews. The Inklings of Life is not that type of blog. I don't get products free to review them, tell everyone in the world that they are amazing, and possibly get paid for it. No one has paid me to do this post, or even asked me to do it. If I ever do a product review, it's because I tried something, and fell in love with it so much that I want to tell the whole world about it.

I have come across such a product. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color: Light Intense Auburn (R3).

I have been dyeing my hair now for 15 years. I started with the shampoo that, as you used it, it slowly left color deposits that dyed your hair (someone please tell me they remember that? Aussie brand did it, I believe). Then I moved to the box dyes, and for some reason, I was always drawn toward red (I figured if my personality was fiery, my hair color should be, as well). Box dyes never quite cut it, so I moved toward salons, to hairdressers who promised bright red. I have done red and black hair, red and orange, red with blonde streaks, dark burgundy red, strawberry blonde with bright red streaks; paid upwards of $125 to get the look I wanted. Times got tough, couldn't head to a salon anymore, so I started on the search for the perfect box of red dye, something I could do at home.

In 15 years of dyeing my hair, I have never been as pleased as when I used the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color kit.

It's specially formulated to achieve red tones on dark hair. I don't have dark hair, well, I don't think I have dark hair. 15 years of dyeing your hair and you kind of forget what your natural color is. Maybe mine's a light brown? Dark blonde? Somewhere in there. Anyway, because it's made to color dark hair, it was amazing on my hair.

The first thing I noticed that was different about this kit was the actual color additive. Normally, in box kits, you have the large developer bottle with a creamy substance in it, and the actual color is a liquid that you add to the developer. Garnier Nutrisse's Ultra Color kit has a cream color in a tube (not a liquid) that you squeeze out into the developer bottle- just like at the salon.

Score 1 for Garnier Nutrisse's Ultra Color kit.

The second thing I noticed is the color it became when I mixed the cream color with the developer. Normally, reds turn this dark purple color in the bottle. Doesn't matter if it's a bright red, a light red, they all turn this dark purple color. Not the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color kit; it turns this bright orangey red color in the bottle. It was crazy. And the color coats onto everything. I really thought for a few minutes my scalp would be stained bright orange, but it wasn't. Just in the application process I started to get excited. I've always aimed for bright reds- the closer to the color of a stop sign, the better. I've never been able to find anything in a permanent hair color that is as bright as I like it. This time around, it was already looking different.

Score 2 for Garnier Nutrisse's Ultra Color kit.

So, when it came to the rinsing process, I always just take a shower. After getting over the initial shock of how my bathtub looked like I was slaughtering a pig in it (all washed down the drain and didn't stain the tub or curtain, don't worry), I rinsed it out as much as I could (I will warn you- use a red or dark towel for the next few weeks because this intense color does bleed a little well after the initial color process), and let it air dry. I color my hair at night, so I headed to bed, already pleased with the color, excited that it looked like I finally had my bright red, from a box.

The next morning I was tickled pink red. My hair was gorgeous! Bright red, the color picked up and accentuated my highlights (that I paid $80 for at a salon- sheesh) and my dark tones, and looked amazing! All for about $10.

Fingers crossed Garnier Nutrisse will realize what an amazing product they have with these Ultra Color kits. They are bright, vibrant colors, and the Light Intense Auburn will be my color for as long as they are making it. Thanks to Garnier! You helped restore my faith in box coloring systems, and helped me find some happiness in a box!!

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  1. I have always wanted, what I call, "porno-red" sections/streaks in my hair.

  2. Thanks! And I love the term 'porno-red'. I'm going to have to start using that, lol.

  3. Oh thank you for posting this! I literally, just bought this color and thought I'd look around at posts and found this. How is the color holding up?

  4. The color is great. I had someone ask me last week how often I have to dye it to keep it the vibrant red, and it really is only every 6 weeks to 2 months like normal hair dye!

  5. I had great results with the exact same product/color, mine wasn't as light as yours but very close to the color on the box. I must admit I was actually scared that my hair was going to turn out orange and the smell almost killed me. It has to be the strongest smelling dye I have ever used. I totally agree about the bathtub looking like blood. I have also used many red dyes and this has to be the most noticeable results ever. Although Ive never bought one of those color depositing shampoos, I can admit to using it whenever I saw it in someone's shower when I was young..

  6. Sweet! Glad to hear someone else has had great results with it. Garnier definitely needs to keep this one around. I just purchased 2 more boxes of it at my grocery store (it was on sale, too, so bonus!); it was time for a dye job (It'd been 2 months), and I bought one for 2 months from now.

    Thanks for commenting! Glad you found Inklings! =)

  7. Your hair looks lovely. What is your natural hair color?

    1. Thank you! My natural hair color is a medium brown... I think. I've been dying my hair since I was 15, so I haven't seen it in its natural state in over 15 years, lol. But yeah, a medium brown. =)

  8. Gorgeous ! I definitely want to try this product !

  9. I want this color!! I'm a pale white girl, lol, with medium brown hair, I hope it would look good on me. I really want this color! Lol. Do you do your eyebrows too? For how long? Thanks!!

  10. This is my color! The only part I hate is that it bleeds in the shower and when I workout for a couple of weeks afterwards, but I can totally deal with it. I always have at least 2 boxes in the closet because I am convinced it's going to be discontinued (has happened with every color I've loved!). Sometimes I switch around colors just to make sure I have backups if this ever happens. The other day at the gas station, a lady came up to me and was literally like "what color is your hair?" and when I looked at her all confused (I try to pass it off as my natural color to strangers!) she was like "honey, I know that's not natural. What's the box it comes from?" Glad to see someone else loves it too!