Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Did I Hear That Right??

Sometimes there are things said, or conversations had in my house that I sit back and think, 'I seriously doubt anyone else goes through this. We have got to be the strangest family in the world.' My kids have manners, don't get me wrong, but over the years of craziness that we've had, I've developed a mom-yet-friend relationship with my kids (my daughter is 9, my son is 7), and kept open communication a necessity. So, my kids feel like they can come to me with anything, and have a sense of humor that is way above their age groups. When they cross the line, they get reprimanded, but unless it's overly rude or disrespectful, I pretty much just let them have freedom of speech.

It sure makes for some interesting conversation in my house. And the random one liners are never lacking here.

Judge for yourself, I guess. These are actual things said in my house (couldn't make this up if I tried)...

My Daughter: Man, I hope that squirrel gets electrocuted.

My Sister: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: Just writing some stuff down.
My Sister: It's not a suicide note, is it?

Z (to my son): Why don't you go get in the bath right now?!
My Son: Why don't I just go brush my nuts?!

My Daughter: I just had a fart brain surge...

My Son (6 at the time, and struggling with reading and spelling): Mom, that pot roast looks like poop. P-O-O-P, poop.
Me: Honey, Mommy is very proud of you for spelling poop correctly, but that wasn't a nice thing to say.

My Sister: Ride it like a rocket, kitty.

Me: Yeah, I can get away with that now while the kids are young and still like me, before they get older and hate me.
My Daughter: But mom, we already hate you... (I shoot her the look of death) Just kidding....

My Sister: Come on, we're going to walmart.
Me: But I haven't had a shower yet. Can I get ready first?
My Sister: No. I mean, you can put on makeup, but you can't be clean. That's my requirement.

My Daughter: Is it true a burp and a fart are like brother and sister?

My Son (looking through a clothing catalog): Yay! Money underwear! Now I can pull my pants down and say, 'Who wants money?!'

To be continued.......

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  1. omg that is awesome I love all of that!! I have been trying to make a point of writing down what my kids say.... needless to say maybe 2/10 times I actually do it lol!