Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Most Amazing Present Ever!

This year, Christmas was good. Not 'first cup of coffee in the morning' good (which you all know is REALLY good), but 'came home from work to a spotless house, dinner already made, the kids already bathed, with cheesecake and moscato' good. Seriously...

In my last post, I covered how my kids' dad was able to come home for Christmas. Complete surprise to the kids, they haven't seen him in 10 months, and I've been contemplating sharing the video with the world (but I'm one of those crazy overprotective mothers who doesn't want her kids exposed to the masses- I'll think some more on it because the video is just too amazing). He was only able to stay for 2 weeks, and is gone now (hence my 2 week hiatus from blogging), but his visit made this Christmas the best ever, for a few reasons.

Yes, the kids got their fill of toys. My daughter's webkinz collection doubled, and my son has been in Lego heaven building scenes from Star Wars and log cabins. I, too, was apparently on the Nice list this year (a shock to me, too); I got a Keurig to feed my coffee addiction, a Canon Rebel to start taking amazing pictures with ease, and a new hair straightener so I won't be electrocuted in the mornings anymore (wonder if I'll have the same pep in my step now). But more than all of the material things under the tree, this Christmas was made amazing by what some may deem to be a 'Christmas Miracle'.

This year I got my family back. And I don't just mean for 2 weeks. I mean, forever.

Guess a little explanation is required. Hubby and I have been separated for almost 4 years now. Not divorced, separated. Through these last years we've remained best friends; such good friends we've had problems with significant others in each of our lives; guess the majority of people think we were supposed to be these bitter, hate each other, feuding exes, which we've really never been. We talked on a regular basis, went to each other for advice- yes, even relationship advice, laughed together, joked- truly best friends. Which, yes, made us both sit back and wonder why we weren't together. We tried it a few times over the years, but- to put this exactly how it was- we both couldn't get our heads out of our asses at the same time, in order for it to work. We were both holding on to something in our past that prevented us from moving ahead into the future. And, for the first time in almost 4 years, neither of us have anything blocking us. By the grace of the universe around us, we've managed to process and deal with all of our issues, independently, that kept us apart as a couple.

So, we decided to give this a try again. No, screw the wording, we are doing this again. This time, though, we finally have a recipe for success. Now, of course, it's up to us to take this recipe, and all of it's now functioning ingredients, and make a beautiful cake of life together, which, for the first time in 4 years, I truly feel like we can do.

We do have one obstacle still in our path; 2000 miles. He went back to Arizona yesterday, the kids and I are still in Virginia. I don't want to take the kids out of another school in the middle of the year (this would be the third school this year alone if I did so), but we are so eager to put our life back together. We are just taking everything day by day right now, allowing the miles and time between us to further work it's magic that it has already done, so that we are stronger once we do reunite.

So, for Christmas this year, I got a husband, who is a great father to his kids, who loves me for who I am, enjoys my warped sense of humor, and is my best friend. There truly is a thing as a Christmas Miracle.

And, I'm taking the plunge. Below is the video of hubby's arrival. A few details needed to enjoy the video more:
  • Hubby is military, and hasn't seen his kids in 10 months
  • The kids had no idea. They open the door, thinking it's the pizza place delivering our dinner. My sister, who was watching them while I picked hubby up from the airport, was in on the ploy, and told the kids they needed to answer the door.
  • Yes, you hear me balling my eyes out, as well as my son.
  • The other voice you hear is of hubby's mom.
Enjoy, and I hope everyone's Christmas was amazing, as well!!

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  1. This is awesome:) but did you take down the video?