Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sundays = Imagination Time

It happens every Sunday...

"Mommy, since you're off today, can we go to _________, do _________, make __________, see _________, spend money at _________???".... and the list goes on.

I just want to be lazy on Sundays. Is that so wrong? Here soon I will be working on Sundays (thanks to being a photographer and Christmas season coming up), so yeah, this Mommy just wants to stay in her pajamas and play on the computer, or watch TV....

Or sleep....

But then, whining kids aside (who apparently believe I crap money, because even if I didn't want to be lazy, I definitely don't have the money to do much of anything on my days off), I start to think about how I need to buy groceries, pay that online bill, clean out my car, get gas, make dinner....

It never ends, does it?

Typical Sunday conversation between my daughter and I, which yes, happens just about every Sunday:

"But Mooooommmmmmm, we're bored...."

"Boredom is a good thing, honey. It makes your brain grow..."

"That doesn't make sense, Mom. You just want to be lazy today."

"Yes, honey, Mommy does want to be lazy, but being bored means you have to use that thing in your brain called an imagination. The more you use your imagination, the bigger it grows. So, Mommy is helping you out by being lazy today."

"I know what an imagination is, Mom, but there's nothing to do."

"We can go to the grocery store later..."

"Sweet, can we get...???"

"No, we can't."

"But you didn't even let me ask for what I wanted."

"I know, honey, the answer is still no."

"Then I don't want to go to the grocery store."

"Fine then. If you are so bored and you want something to do, go clean your room."

At that point, my daughter gets a funny look on her face, disappears into the back of the apartment, and a little while later I hear her and her brother playing ninjas, or school, or building skyscrapers out of Legos.

Imagination kicks in real quick when there's work to be done, huh?

As for me, I need to make a grocery list, clip coupons, shower at some point...

Wait, is that an island oasis I see? Me, deserted beach, ice cold endless Bahama Mamas, the sun warming me while my feet are in the cool ocean water...

Ahh, imagination....

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  1. Love it! Glad I'm not alone in my pj's when it's approaching noon on Sunday...the living room is a mess of toys and my kids have been playing amazingly well together all morning. I don't think there's anything wrong with that!

  2. Neither do I, lol! And if you are ever in your PJs at what you think are strange times at the day, you should know I'm probably in my PJs or want to be in my PJs at that exact moment, LOL!