Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Back.... (Well, Almost)

so, i may have been mia now for a while... okay almost five months to be exact. still dont have internet, im typing this from my phone as we speak, which is why theres all the punctuation and spelling errors. but i wanted to let you all know that ive been asked to guest blog for someone, so thanks to her i am dusting off and getting back on the horse. i have tomorrow off from work, and i plan to write all day. save all the wonderfully zany tatted mom posts, head to mcdonalds with their free wifi and start uploading posts. i will time delay them so you all can get probably a biweekly dose of inklings until i get some time off again.
deal? is anyone gonna kill me for not having been around? were you all even worried? never got any search parties out lookin for me, but then again i am sure you all are just as confused about where in the hell i am in the world now as i am lol.

so, keep a look out, as i am coming back with a vengence. five months of ideas to get out. holy mac and cheese....


  1. I know how it feels to not have internet... :(

  2. Not having internet sucks! I just got back online and it feels good. Very intrigued as to what you've been up to - have missed your posts!