Sunday, April 3, 2011

Now on Twitter!!!

Soooo, i finally figured out this twitter thing, though i am attempting to post this all from my phone because my laptop wont connect to our newly acquired internet. and my phone wont let me use capitalization or correct punctuation. geez, cant win all the time i guess.
I'm not sure how the twitter thing completely works, but you all can head to twitter and find me at tattedmom81. =)
Bare with me while I get this techonology crap figured out, please!!


  1. I have had twitter for a while nad I still don't get it... especially that twitter party thing. When I try to join in with them via tweetchat, the things I say never show up in it only on my feed... ppl never respond like i'm talking to myself lol.

  2. I LOVE's like a fun party that you get to pick who you talk to and interact with. I'm going to find you today! I'm @mamaschellsays...