Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating Normalcy

The kids are off to school, there's a cup of coffee sitting next to me, Bones is running around chasing, hell I don't know, her tail, Z is back in bed, and I'm (finally) blogging--- what's this? Deja vu? Ahh, memories of how things were just a few short months ago.

I've been MIA. Seriously. For those who have been with me a while, you can be happy once again; I have interwebbies in the house, and because I've taken such a long break from blogging, my head is exploding with ideas. I think I might just sit around all day and write; save draft after draft, hoard them like a squirrel getting ready for winter, in case life gets crazy again.

If this is your first time venturing to The Inklings of Life, then you've come at a great time. Hell, about 6 months ago was a great time to be here, too. I was winning awards, on the track to being a pretty popular mommy blog. Then life threw a curveball. It's still my goal though, promise you that. But head through the archives, check out the Readers Favorite Posts; you'll see that this was a pretty crazy place to hang out- and once will be again. =)

Amidst all this chaos, establishing a routine and creating some normalcy around here has been my top priority. I have a 45 minute (one way) commute to work everyday, which has given me tons of time to think, and the question popped into my head recently of 'What the hell is normalcy?' I mean, look at the word itself- it even looks abnormal. I've spell checked it a dozen times already- an 'l' then a 'c'? I thought maybe for a second I had made the word up, and my spell check was just laughing at me for entering in a word that doesn't exist. But it does. 'Being within certain limits that define a normal range of functioning.'

Hold up. I was taught in the first grade not to use the word itself in the definition... Oh how times have changed, I guess.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Now on Twitter!!!

Soooo, i finally figured out this twitter thing, though i am attempting to post this all from my phone because my laptop wont connect to our newly acquired internet. and my phone wont let me use capitalization or correct punctuation. geez, cant win all the time i guess.
I'm not sure how the twitter thing completely works, but you all can head to twitter and find me at tattedmom81. =)
Bare with me while I get this techonology crap figured out, please!!