Friday, December 3, 2010

Tatted Mom's List of 10 Best Gifts for a Stay at Home Mom

I've read so many 'Top Gifts for Moms' articles it's not funny. Yahoo has them featured, Google, Amazon has their version, and that doesn't even begin to cover the blog articles out there covering what people should get their moms for Christmas. While I agreed with parts of many of the articles, there wasn't one I found that not only covered SAHMs exclusively, but hit the nail on the head for moms in general. So, 'Challenge Accepted' (in the words of Barney- who's a 'How I Met Your Mother' fan??) of writing a SAHM Christmas gift list, and I threw the whole 'Tatted Mom's List' thing into it, so you know it's not one of those same old, same old lists!

*Disclosure* No one has paid me a damn thing to write this article. So no actual items featured in this article were sent to me, or the company didn't pay me to say their product is amazing. I am using Amazon to help feature some of them, but it's more for easy linkage and pictures- s me time. =)

10 Best Gifts for a Stay at Home Mom (Tatted Mom Style)

  1. A Coffee Pot. Most every SAHM has a coffee pot, yes, but there's always one out there we want a little more. The cheap $10 one from a discount store just doesn't greet us with the same enthusiasm in the morning that a more flashy one would. I, personally, am not a fan of those one cuppa coffee pots. What the hell am I gonna do with one cup of coffee in the morning? Not get my blog or the housework done, that's what. Many of those do boast gourmet flavors that, yes, make my mouth water when I see them at Target, but please coffee maker company, can you figure out a way to get your amazing flavor pouch coffee thingie into a regular size coffee pot? You made the small one, now make it bigger. You can see my coffee pot here, and let me tell you, it's amazing. I can program that SOB to have coffee made when I wake up. And, there's just a little button to push for coffee to come out, so I don't have to worry about my half-awake ass spilling coffee everywhere. It does suck for the taller coffee mugs; they don't fit. Other than that, though, it's amazing, and I love my coffee pot.
  2. An Extra Set of Arms. Here's where you think I'm going to explain some logical way, like a personal assistant, or having one of the kids help out, to gain that extra set of arms. Nope. If this is a Christmas wish list, then there you have it; every SAHM needs an extra set of arms, plain and simple. Retractable ones would be awesome, so, they stay hidden when we don't need them, and we can spring them out whenever. I wouldn't tell my kids I had an extra set of arms at first. I'd wait until I was busy doing something and they act up (because, have you ever noticed that's exactly when kids act up- when you can't do a damn thing about it), and extend one of my extra arms to smack them in the back of the head from across the room, then retract it with the quickness. They'd be so confused, it'd be hilarious. So yeah, not *exactly* sure how to go about getting this one for mom for Christmas, but, I'm just here to give you ideas. If Amazon carried it, I'd include a link and a picture. Hell, I entered in 'extra set of hands' ('arms' gave me stupid things like bar stools) into their product search bar, and a cordless phone came up. So that's Amazon's idea of an extra set of hands for a SAHM. Okay.... Wait, I don't even have a house phone. Damn.....
  3. Coupons. Not grocery store coupons (though, those are quite helpful), but the type that say, 'A day of pampering by my children', or 'A day to sleep in', or 'I'll do the dishes today, mom.' These are honestly the best, especially if the kids pick out the ones they actually want to do, instead of giving a whole book of things they don't want to do. Or, make your own. We moms appreciate getting a night off of cooking duty, or a little help in the yard, and if you want to take that gesture and make it wrappable so you can put it under the tree, coupons are the way to go!
  4. Anything Handmade, especially if our kids made it. We moms don't care if it's a necklace made out of macaroni. If our kids made it, we wear it with pride. 
  5. An Extra Hour or Two in the Day. Again, you may think that I'm going to go ahead with something logical like waking up an hour early, or spending an hour less on the computer. Nope, we moms shouldn't have to give up what little sleep or free time we have. So, petition Father Time to make the day last 25 hours, please. It's okay if it doesn't happen right away. Seeing the petition, with all the signatures and reasoning behind it will be enough for us.... for now. 
  6. Car Detailing. If other SAHM's cars are anything like mine, there's cheerios on the floorboards, toys scattered everywhere, and what the hell is that sticky stuff on the ceiling? A good car detailing- vacuumed, wiped, maybe some carpet shampooing- is perfect for us. We concentrate so much on the home and the kids, the car just seems to get lost sometimes.
  7. A Cookbook. I'm a huge fan of cookbooks, especially if they are the meals in 15 minutes type. Yes, in this day and age we can google just about anything, but I love sitting down with a cookbook and flipping through it. The crazier the cookbook, the better, and I like pictures. Pictures are good.
  8. A Spa Day. I do agree thoroughly with this one. Every now and then a SAHM needs pampering, and at-home facials, pedicures and massages, while amazing, just aren't quite enough sometimes. If a family wants to spoil mom, really spoil her, telling her to get out of the house one day and giving her a gift certificate to a spa, would immediately send her straight to heaven. No kid fights to break up, no 'Mommy, Mommy, can I have....' to hear, no laundry to do; just her and her relaxation. But, I can't stress enough that if the house is a wreck, the kids crying and screaming, and the ingredients for dinner are out waiting for her when she gets home, the gift of a spa day might be thrown right out the window. If you give mom the day off, give her the day off. Take care of things while she's gone, so when she gets back she stays in that realm of relaxation. And dads~ if successful, you'll probably get laid that night.....
  9. Comfy Slippers. I'm not a big fan of shoes in a house, but I hate walking around barefoot, too. Comfy house slippers are a great compromise for that. If only worn in the house, you have minimal dirt contamination on those nice clean floors I just mopped, verses wearing shoes inside the house. And, we get that level of 'ahhhhh' while we are vacuuming, or running after children, or cooking, or cleaning up cat vomit. Like walking on clouds.....
  10. My infamous Happy Bunny PJs
  11. An Embarrassing Pair of Pants. It's one of our Rights as a Mom to embarrass our kids. There's no better way than a hideous pair of PJ pants to either take our kids to school in, or wear when our daughter has that sleepover. Ahhhh, the Joys of Motherhood.


  1. Hey, Ma, I'll do the dishes today =p


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  3. Totally agree: there are not enough hours in the day. The coffee pot is also important for me: I've fallen in love with coffee so much these days!!

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  5. My husband and I are two peas in a pod. We were at Super Wally World last night, because that is the kinda fun I'm talking about for date night. He was standing by 2 older women. One women said, "Dam I smell like a man!' And my loving husband said, "No its more like a mixture of battery acid and bad meat!" Yep, couldn't have said it better myself. I'm so proud!

    So agree with your list and the coffee pots. As much as those fancy pots are tempting, just gimme some dam coffee and fast! Enjoying my large cup right now!

    Loving the crazy jammie pants! I think I have 5 pairs. I almost bought my husband a pair that said "Lick me" all over them! Thought they would be good when he takes the trash out to scare the neighbors, especially the old bitties. Wrong size though, dam!



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  7. I totally agree with car detailing. My car has never been this dirty ever! Haha. :)