Thursday, December 30, 2010

Santa Made a Mistake!!

Yes, these were actually words shouted in my home at 4:30 Christmas morning, by my 8 year old. The story is just too funny not to share.

This year, Santa got the kids a Nintendo Wii and 2 games each. When he came down the chimney Christmas Eve, he just filled the stockings right there at the fireplace, left the wrapped games in front of the kids' stockings, and decided to have a little fun.

Christmas morning my daughter wakes up at 4 am, which, coincidentally enough was the time that hubby, Z and I had pre-selected to be the Go Time; if the kids woke up before the Go Time, they had to go back to sleep, but after the Go Time, Z was to come wake up hubby and I and we would get up. Why not just have the kids come wake us up? Our master bedroom is on the other side of the house from the kids rooms, meaning they would have had to go through the living room to get to us, thus seeing Santa's surprises before Mommy and Daddy are even up- I'm not much on that. So, we agreed that the kids would wake Z up, and she would come get us up, which she did, at 4 freaking a.m.

Coffee was already made the night before (I actually thought ahead on this one), so I turned the coffee pot on and zombie walked my way into the other part of the house to see the kids. I grabbed my camera, and waited for hubby to tell them it was time to come see what Santa left. They came running in, seemed a little disappointed that there were only stockings and 4 little DVD case size presents wrapped and left out, but they tore into their stockings excitedly. Then came time for the games to be unwrapped. My daughter started, and as she's unwrapping, she yells out, 'Mom, these are Wii games. We don't have a Wii....' My son tore open his Santa presents, to find more Wii games, and said the same thing. Then it comes....

'Mom, Santa made a mistake. This is the worst Christmas EVER! How could he bring us Wii games when we don't have a Wii? It's a mistake, a huge mistake. So here, you and dad can sell these or something, make some money off of Santa's mistake...' straight out of my daughter's mouth, I kid you not.

Now, not exactly knowing what was going on in Santa's mind when he stopped at our house that night, I can only form guesses or opinions on what he was trying to do (wink, wink). It was a collective consensus between hubby, Z and I, that it was Santa's intention to have the kids unwrap the Wii games, get excited, and start hunting around for the Nintendo Wii, which Santa had very nicely already hooked up to our TV (and set up the internet connection- he must have had technological elves with him). He had even conveniently placed the Wii controllers in the controller/video game drawer of our entertainment center.

But instead of getting excited, my kids took the whole 'Santa made a mistake' route. What the hell to do now?

You scramble, that's what. 'Honey, Santa couldn't have made a mistake. Maybe he wants you all to look around and see if he left anything else.'

'No, he made a mistake, Mom. This is the worst Christmas ever.'

Okay, so the 8 year old can't be convinced. Hubby decided to try the 6 year old. 'Hey, son, maybe the Wii games play on the Playstation. Can you get me the Playstation controller out of the drawer, and put the Wii game into the Playstation?'

The 8 year old intervened. 'Dad, Wii games will not play on the Playstation. This is horrible.'

Thank goodness my 6 year old was either optimistic or had no idea what was really going on, because he headed to the controller drawer, just like his dad had told him to, opened it up and yelled, 'What the...?', pulling out 2 Wii controllers. Time to get excited now? Not with my daughter.

'Mom, this is creepy. Santa went into our controller drawer. And, this still sucks because he gave us Wii games and Wii controllers, but no Wii. I don't understand.'

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Z steps in. 'Hey, why is there a blue light glowing from behind the TV? That's weird...'

My daughter gets up, looks behind the TV, spots the Wii, and finally gets excited. 'Santa gave us a Wii for Christmas! Mom, Santa got us a Wii!' jumping up and down like a kid is supposed to do on Christmas morning.

Thank goodness for small miracles, right? Coffee was definitely needed at this point, though, and a slight headache had already formed. Thank goodness the rest of the morning went off without a hitch.


  1. Great guys are sneaky parents! XOXO

  2. That was a lovely Christmas post. There are so many reasons to celebrate but seeing and experiencing a happy child is definitely one of them. Well done, Santa!

    CJ xx