Monday, December 13, 2010

Ok, So Don't Hate Me....

... But I'm stumped. Writer's block like a mo fo. I prepared for the day this would happen- sat around one night and made a list of 'Blogging Ideas'. Yeah, helpful that was. I am currently staring at my list of about 10 topics or so, rolling my eyes. Who really wants to hear about my Least Favorite Chores, or a Pregnancy Experience right now? I sure don't feel like writing about them. One day, but that day is not today.

So I sit here, picking my nose (well, not my nose, actually- I fidget with my nose ring a lot, and it looks like I'm digging for gold. The little bugger is always stabbing me.), staring at the Christmas tree, then the ceiling, over to Zombie Kitty who is sleeping peacefully on the couch (makes me want to go wake her up- it's a horrible compulsion I have), back to the ceiling, finally to my laptop screen, wondering if anyone else goes through this. I love blogging; it's the part of my morning routine I look forward to. Cup of coffee, the buzz of the laptop fan making sure my laptop doesn't overheat and shut off on me, the thrill of having the ideas in my head come out so beautifully, with humor and shocking moments sprinkled in. Ahh, it's a rush.

And then there are days like today. I don't think all the coffee in the world could get my thought train on it's tracks....

Then a thought hits me, one that I really don't want to consider. Could it be that I've peaked already? Two full months into this blogging thing and I'm done for? Suddenly I feel like a teenage boy's first sexual experience- So much anticipation, planning, and it's uncontrollably over in 2 seconds, leaving much to be desired. OMG, I'm a Premature Blogger...

No, it can't be. I won't allow it. I will fight through this writer's block, regain my stable pedestal in the blogosphere.

But it will have to start tomorrow, I think. Maybe with some help from my readers. Knowing my outlandish views and outspoken ways, is there anything you all would like to know my view on? Any topics that you think, 'Hmm, Tatted Mom will speak her mind on that'? Feedback is definitely needed at this point.

Until then, I think it's time to go disrupt Zombie Kitty's peaceful sleep (and then sit back and wonder why she's climbing my Christmas tree later, out of revenge), finish adjusting my nose ring (NOT picking my nose, I swear), and channel the mind of a teenage boy after his first sexual experience, so I don't have to worry about this happening again.

And keep my fingers crossed for feedback...


  1. What wouldn't I want to know your view on? That should be the questions! I love your blog, definitely on my top 5 list that I must read every day! Here's one topic I'd like your opinion on, how would you deal with crazy neighbors?

  2. I know what you mean on writer's block!

    What I try to do is write down the gist of my idea right when it enters my head so that when I sit down to write, maybe I have a couple blog posts saved up just ready to be published! This works for me because most posts come to me while I'm driving!

    I'm mailing hubby his Christmas package today, and getting a warm coffee at Starbucks. Maybe you can write about how incredibly asinine it is for me to pay $4 for a coffee!! (To be clear...I'm only getting it because we don't drink coffee at home--so this is a treat--and I have cash on me....those are thee only reasons!)

  3. THAT is way too funny!! I hate blog-block!

  4. Sitting in the suck of it and yet look what drops right in our laps... a 450 word beauty about...all kinds of entertainingly YOU stuff.

    Premature blogger? Picking your nose ring? Too late to start tomorrow it happened today... Awesome.

    Looking forward to your next bout of block