Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Confession

Most people have holiday rituals that they do every year (omg, is she blogging about sacrificing goats again?). For some, it's Black Friday, for others it's a certain movie that they watch every year, complete with a cup of hot chocolate and some Christmas cookies. I, too, have a ritual that I do every holiday season, several times during this time of year, that I never thought was bizarre... until this year. Now that my kids are older, and with the introduction of Z this year, I seem to get tons of eye rolling and weird stares as I perform my holiday ritual, and I constantly hear, 'Is mom doing it again?'. What's so wrong with it? It's not that bad, is it? Or, am I just in denial, and through the loving eyes of my family I can see my obsession and now do something about it?

Inklingers, I'm a compulsive gifts-under-the-tree organizer.

What does that even mean, you ask? For as long as I can remember (I think it started in my pre-teens), every holiday season, I have to constantly organize the presents under the Christmas tree. I'll do it every time a new present is added underneath the tree, and sometimes just for the hell of it. And, I'm not talking just move one present over to the side to make room for another, I'm talking, take all of the presents out and start completely over from scratch. What's so wrong about that, really?

There is a method to my madness, and completely legitimate reasoning behind what I do, summed up in a 3 step thinking process I go through:

  1. Size Matters. Big presents in the back, smaller presents in the front. Simple enough.
  2. Overkill Sucks. I can't stand having multiple presents with the same wrapping paper grouped together under the tree. If we only had one print of wrapping paper, I would be fine. But, we have 5 this year, and it makes my eye twitch to see 3 green santa riding a sleigh presents together over to the right, and 2 white cups of cocoa presents touching in front. Call me a wrapping paper racist, but yes, I segregate my presents under the tree. I think it's more pleasing to the eye to have an even variety of wrapping papers pleasantly distributed and arranged under the tree.
  3. Christmas is a Treasure Hunt. How much fun is it if all of your presents are grouped together under the tree? In my mind, not much fun. So, while keeping in mind the gift's size and wrapping paper, I also have a look at who the present is intended for, and try my best to evenly disperse under the tree by person, as well. This one I'm not as hung up on as the other two, but I have been known to rearrange all of the presents just because 3 of my son's presents were together. 
So, last night, I pulled all of the presents out from the tree and began trimming dead, drooping branches off the bottom. Z walks into the living room, and I hear, 'OMG woman, are you rearranging the presents again?' That's when I sat up and said, 'It's really not that weird, is it?' to which I was answered by Z and my daughter,  'Uh, yeah, it kinda is.' 

Seriously, people, is my compulsive present organizing that weird? I can remember my mom walking into the living room when I was a teenager just saying, 'Oh, there's Morgan rearranging the presents under the tree again,' smiling and walking out of the room. OMG, does that mean my parents were Enablers to my sick habit? And hubby, too? He's always just made brief comments, like my parents, smiled and went about his business. Could this compulsion have been dealt with years ago, but my loved ones just never wanted to stage an intervention? 

An outside perspective this year, Z, and the innocence and honesty of a child have brought this addiction to light. Even as I sit here and type out this Christmas Confession, I'm rationalizing in my head that it's not that bad. The universe sees fit to call my bluff on that by sending my daughter over to me, a present in hand that she picked up from under the tree, to ask me if I know what it is. 'No, honey, I have no idea what it is,' and with that, she smiles, says, 'Good. It's awesome, you're going to love it,' and heads back to the tree to set it down. I find myself glaring at her, wondering if she's going to put the white cup of hot cocoa wrapped present back in it's proper place, to the right, on top of the red puppies and kittens wrapping paper. She does, and I find myself breathing a sigh of relief. Oh, dear goodness, I do have a problem....



  1. so you're the queen of holiday tetrus lol!!

  2. Sounds a little Xmas nutty...I can't imagine you after the presents are opened!!! XOXO

  3. Eschelle- I like the way you spin things. Holiday Tetris queeen I am, lol!

    Klove- I have been known to catch wrapping paper as it's being flung on the floor and stuff it into a trash bag that's conveniently sitting behind me, on Christmas morning, lol.

    Tina- =) I feel the same about you, lol.

  4. Just found your blog from a comment you left on another... very glad I stumbled across it! New follower on Networked Blogs.

    And this post was hilarious!


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  6. Wow! And I haven't even started wrapping yet. Guess I should get off the computer!

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  8. I think I'd be the same way, if I celebrated Xmas. It's hard not to constantly reorganize those gifts - move them around, shuffle them, position them just right...Enjoy the season.
    Thanks for the follow. I've returned the favor.

  9. I make sense by reading your reasons. But then again, for my friends and family, I am the odd one, LOL!

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