Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zombie Kitty, What the Hell?!?!

Yes, yes, it is Zombie Kitty Saturday once again. And this week, I don't think I could have posed these pictures any better.

Writes about me on her blog, I'll show her. Delete, delete, delete.....
Zombie Kitty really is obsessed with my laptop. When it's in sleeper mode, a slide show (which happens to contain the pictures from the cemetery we found her) plays, and she sits right there on the sofa arm rest and watches it. Then, every once in a while she'll attack the screen. This day, though, her right paw is dangerously close to my 'delete' key, so, we still wonder if she was watching like the National Geographic website on kitty mating before we walked into the room. Maybe having a little kitty chat time. Whatever it was, she covered it up quickly, deleting the history and all (maybe that website about how to cook human flesh??).

Aren't I precious? You'd never know I was watching you sleep last night, licking my Zombie Kitty lips....

And just when we think the Zombie is full on, she goes and does something extremely adorable. Well, this was with the help of my daughter, who decided she wanted to make a little bed for Bones (Zombie Kitty's real name, for those who aren't familiar with her yet). So, fashioned out of Legos (in my house? What??), and complete with Zombie Kitty's favorite victims playthings, and old clothes that no longer fit my daughter as blankets, Zombie Kitty actually curled right up and went to sleep. Adorable, but I'm still keeping an eye on her.....

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  3. Awww, I love the laptop pic! Adorable! And yes, I agree, she probably was watching something suspicious. :-)