Monday, November 8, 2010

Yep, I Just Said That....

So, before I post anymore actual blogs, I realized that I wanted to post a disclaimer of some sort, since most of my readers don't actually know me. I'm an open person, yes. If you ask, I will probably share. And, I've had quite a few ups and downs in my life, many of which, I needed therapy to get through. So, through the years of therapy, I learned to be completely honest with myself and other people (I'm actually a horrible liar). Sometimes, this honesty is greeted with praise, other times, people look at me like I'm crazy, while I'm sure thinking, 'Did she honestly just say that?' There seems to be topics of conversation, or even feelings, that are just not discussed, or hidden away from others in fear of what people will think of you if you say them. Yeah, not me. Human nature is human nature, and I am honest about things from that standpoint. So, while I'm not harsh or insolent (I do try to spare feelings as much as possible when I open my mouth), sometimes people leave a conversation with me thinking 'I mean, she's right, I do feel that way, but did she have to just bring it out? I don't talk about that.' or 'I can't believe she just brought that topic up- it's just not socially acceptable.'

I've gone through my blog so far, and there are hints of my sometimes brazen personality here and there, but it hasn't quite been fully released yet. If I can promise you one thing though, it's this: You really never know what you are going to get with my blog, and yes, sometimes, it'll be crazy or, in the least, eye-popping. But hey, that's me....


  1. "That's you" and no one worth your while would rather have you any other way :-)

  2. I wish more people were like you, honestly. I look foward to the eye-popping :)