Monday, November 8, 2010

"Those" TV Shows- Yeah, You Know Which Ones I Mean

Everyone has them: the TV shows we watch for pure enjoyment, to escape to a different reality for a little while, for informational purposes, and then 'those'- the ones we watch because they secretly make us feel better about our own lives. Maybe you don't even tell people you watch them, or change the reasoning behind why you watch them ('It's really the only thing open in that time slot...'), but as you sit there for those 30 minutes or that hour, a smile forms on your face, and when the show is done, you breathe a sigh of relief. 'Thank goodness that's not my life.'

So, here's a few of the shows I watch for that comfort factor, that smile that permeates afterwards (in no particular order).

*SPOILER ALERT: Some descriptions might have up-to-date plot line info, so if you are a DVRer like me, then you might want to skip a show if it's one of your gluttonous choices and you aren't quite caught up.

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  1. Desperate Housewives. Ahh, my Sunday guilty pleasure. While most days I feel like I would fit in perfectly on Wisteria Lane, other days I think 'Holy crap, at least my life isn't like that.' Finding out your baby was switched at birth like Gaby's daughter? Oh hell no. Marrying a man who is in jail for murder, who you never think is going to get out, just to find out he was exonerated and now you have to live with a stranger? I even watch the show and I'm not sure if I followed that. Having to do internet webcam housecleaning in my lingerie to pay the bills like Susan? I'm feeling the penny pinching myself, but no way (well, maybe if I had the body??? No.....). Yes, yes, I do love the soap opera twists and turns of Desperate Housewives, but I watch it for way more than that.
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  3. Hoarders. Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive, both reality shows I end up stopping on when I'm flipping through the channels. If you've never watched one, you should, just once. I find myself going through every emotion imaginable while watching Hoarders- shock, disbelief, happiness (that I'm not a hoarder), disgust, motivation (to clean my own house), and so much more. Yes, hoarding is a form of OCD, and watching these people try and change their ways, I am empathetic. Seeing the different forms of hoarding, from people who are just plain filthy and their homes should be marked with bio hazard stickers, to those who keep their house 'clean' and just have piles of stuff everywhere, I finish watching the show with a new found respect for my home and a thankfulness that it's nowhere near as bad as it could be.
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  5. Sister Wives. Oh, man, probably one of the most controversial reality shows of right now, and thank goodness it's been renewed for a second season. Sister Wives chronicles the Brown family of Utah; one husband, 4 wives and 16 children- yes, fundamental Mormons. I am not here to judge anyone's lifestyle or question what makes them happy, but What the Hell???? I watch, pause to scream at the TV, to shoot random questions out to my bestie who watches with me, and to be thankful of my life as it is. I have MAJOR jealousy issues, so watching 4 women share 1 man, yes, infuriates me. Not here to judge though, whatever floats your boat.
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  7. Rules of Engagement. A Monday night sitcom on CBS that shares the lives of a married couple, an engaged couple, and a single bachelor for life. Beautifully written, the jokes and comedy are amazing, but I find myself relating so much to Audrey and Jeff (the married couple). So, this show makes me feel better about myself because, well, if writers are writing about it, and people are relating to it, then those things that I see in my own marriage aren't obscure or uncommon. I finish watching the show thinking, "Sweet, my marriage is 'normal'."
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  9. L.A. Ink. Most people tune into LA Ink to see the beautiful tattoos that are done. I tune in to remind me of a life I left behind, and some of the reasons I chose to leave it behind. If you've ever seen an episode, you'll notice the amount of drama that seems to occur. That's not for TV purposes, people. While Kat's primadonna attitude is a little extreme and yes, really focused on for TV purposes, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret- tattoo shops are FULL of drama, and there is usually at least 1 ego-centric bubblehead in every shop. While I thrived on the drama for the 3 years I was a tattoo artist, and it eventually became a part of who I was, that is a part of my life I was happy to leave behind. And, for the record, I was not the ego-centric bubblehead in my shop (yeah, yeah, no one ever admits to being that person, but seriously, it wasn't me- I had convinced myself I sucked as a tattoo artist). But, I will admit that I did start, and participate in, my fair share of drama- hey, I was the only woman in a shop with 3 men. Drama, rumors, and being called a 'bitch' were part of the job requirement, I guess.
So there you have it, my guilty pleasures when it comes to TV. "Those" ones that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I get done watching them- probably for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. I just blogged about Hoarders last week! I have the same fascination with it. I am so glad I am not those people, and it makes me feel better about my clutter while simultaneously motivating me to deal with it.