Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thirsty Thursday is DEFINITELY Calling Me...

Let's start this post off by saying I'm not an alcoholic. The last time I drank was maybe 2 weeks ago, and I had one shot of Grape Pucker (amazing by the way- tasted just like grape kool-aid) and laid in front of the TV for the rest of the night. Even a few years ago, when I was at the peak of my drinking, I was still a 3 drink wonder. Kept expenses low, I guess. But, with the exception of taking a few shots on a bad night (at my apartment, kids at their dad's house, with PJ's already on and falling into bed immediately after), I've never used alcohol to numb myself from the outside world. I've never tried to find the answers at the bottom of a bottle, and, even if that's what it seemed like at the time to outside spectators, who can find the answers to anything after only 3 drinks? Really? Three drinks and it's sleepy time. Seriously.

Today, though, the Grape Pucker is screaming at me. Not screaming at me to come drink right now (my gosh, it's 11 in the morning), but I hear it saying, 'Hey. Tonight, after the kids are in bed, how about you and I have a little rendezvous? Nothing much. Maybe a shot, maybe mix me with some grape kool-aid. Sit back and watch The Big Bang Theory, laugh your ass off, relax, and say eff the outside world. How's that sound?'

And yes, Grape Pucker, that sounds amazing....

It seems like, whenever I get through something in my life, another something pops up in it's place. Lately my somethings seem to all be originating from the cesspool of a town I moved 2000 miles away from. Gossip and hearsay are one thing, but downright lies (to the point of photoshopping a string of emails to add things that I did not say) hurt me. I can handle gossip. I have no problem with gossip. But, when people go to the extent that the latest something has, to..... that's the thing. I have NO idea what the purpose of it was. I have tried to figure out the motivation behind why this person did this, and I can't come up with a damn reason why. She needs to refer to my post yesterday about drama, I guess. See the whole thing about lying...

So yes, after so freshly blogging about something similar yesterday, I need to take my own advice, smile and say thank you. Obviously, to go to the extent of photoshopping 'evidence' to support your lie, me and my life must just aggravate the piss outta you. So thank you, FAS; I guess I've lived my life correctly for others, or just you in the least, to be so envious.

Ahh, blogging does make everything so much better. It's not to say the Grape Pucker still isn't calling out to me. But, is it really so wrong? To have gone through so much bs in the past 3 days that you just want to let go and say eff it? Don't I deserve to celebrate putting this all behind me, for weathering the storm and, I guess for being so damn awesome that people just downright lie about me (and photoshop emails. I know I've said it 3 times now, but seriously. That takes time and effort... Wow and WTF?!)? Stay responsible, have a drink or two, and just let this all melt away. Seriously, Inklingers, I would LOVE some feedback on this post!! Opinions, the good, the bad, the ugly- anything!

All I can say now is yes. Yes, I believe I deserve a drink tonight after all this crap. Yes, I am proud to live my life the way I do. Yes, all of this has given me strength and lessons learned. And yes, I do hope some sort of nuclear spill occurs back east, just in that little cesspool of a town, that only affects people like FAS, AH and GS. Doesn't hurt anyone else, just renders those few with like oozy looking skin, or, causes some adverse affect to where they can only ever tell the truth for the rest of their lives. That would be the worst thing for them, I believe. Absolute torture. Is it horrible that I'm smiling now? Like huge cheesy grin. Ahh, eff it. Grape Pucker and I have a date.....

Obviously MARvelous


  1. I'm continually mystified why there is so much drama involved among women. I really thought after I finished school, all of that would be over, or at least diminished.

    Alas - I haven't found that to be true.

    And some of the things I've seen and heard over the Horrible. Mean. Downright disrespectful. Totally unnecessary.

    I applaud you for dealing with it as well as you are. Photoshopping emails...sigh...what will they think of next?

  2. I know... I graduated over 10 years ago; guess it's the fact that some of these people only graduated a few years ago. Hmph.

    And, as an update, no Grape Pucker in the house. Bummer. =( The liquor store did have something called 'Red Headed Burst' though, and seeing as I'm a redhead (box, not natural), who is about to explode, I find it quite fitting.... =)

  3. Hi! I'm your new follower from TT!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  4. Rootbeer rocks, too. Kills my stomach though, they all do. Mix it with some vodka and you're solid gold!