Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankfuls, After a Week of Hell...

Some of you may have noticed that this week I went a bit MIA. We had some family things occur, and this week was extremely rough on me. So, seeing as this is Friday, there is a light at the end of the tunnel here, and it's the season, I wanted to list some things I'm thankful for this week.

Of course, above all, I am always thankful for my family and my best friend. This week, I'm especially grateful for my children, my best friend, and my meddling mother and mother-in-law. I found out quickly who I can trust in my life, and I'm thankful for those friends 2000 miles away who are there for me, too.

Now on with the list for this week (more lighthearted- we all need lighthearted sometimes), and these are in no particular order.

  1. M&Ms Chocolate Sprinkle Ice Cream. OMG, possibly the best comfort food ever made, and, I know in previous posts I've said I don't eat when I get stressed, this helped me through a few nights to where there were at least some calories in my system for the day. The chocolate ice cream is almost (but not quite) dark chocolate- my favorite, and it has little candy sprinkles in it, M&Ms of course, and a fudgey ribbon of syrup that runs through it. Heavenly!! And, I just had to run up to Walgreens for it. Cost $2.99 for a pint, though. Normally I don't splurge like that, but it was needed- desperately.
  2. Toy Story 3. Saw it at Walgreens when I ran to get my ice cream, saw it was on sale (and you got a Toy Story 3 toy, valued at $11.99, for free- heck yeah!), so I bought it. It created an amazing family night that I think was eye-opening.
  3. The Holidays. I don't think I will ever be as thankful for the holidays coming as I am this year. And, while we don't have a lot of money, we are going to make this holiday season the best the kids have ever had. Focus on the family, the love, being together. And, fingers crossed, it will change everything for the better.
  4. Courtesty of
  5. Eric Dane, aka Dr.Mark Sloan (McSteamy) on Grey's Anatomy. I have been an Eric Dane fan since he was on Charmed, and hubby got me into Grey's Anatomy this season, so serious bonus for me that he's on it. Ahhh, yes, I'm thankful for McSteamy. More specifically, I'm thankful for dreams where you are the new doctor on Grey's Anatomy, and McSteamy takes a liking to you immediately, but since you know his reputation of being a bit of a womanizer, you continuously tell him no and play hard to get, which makes him just pursue you more until this amazing, real connection develops between you two, and you fall madly in love and get married. Gotta love how your mind entertains you at night sometimes.
  6. My Gut. Sometimes I hate my gut, but this week it's proven quite useful. First this week, when something doesn't feel right, and your gut is screaming at you, go ahead and listen to it. Find out what you need to know, and get it all in the open. It does make things easier. Second this week, I had been told my several people about this grocery store that was supposedly the cheapest in town. Went there with my grocery list, and absolutely hated the atmosphere, the store itself, the people in the store, so, I went with my gut, put back all of the items from my cart and walked out. Headed straight to my normal grocery store, shopped their weekly sales and ended up buying an entire week's worth of groceries, meat included, for just $42. And, we're not eating cabbage soup at night, either. Try Beef and Beer stew last night- amazing!! So, word of mouth was nothing compared to my gut this week, and I will never doubt my grocery store, or my gut, again.
  7. Letting Go of the Past. It's something that I struggled with for a while, but I found out this week that there are certain things I never thought I'd be able to put in the past, that I really have. And, when you get that feeling of release, and the Universe goes and tests you with it (because they will, every time), and you pass that test, omg, the amazing feeling that follows. It really is true that you can't move ahead with your future if you are holding onto the past. I just hope that it's something that can be learned by everyone in my family, for the sake of our family.
  8. My Other Mom Blogs. While I haven't posted much this week, I have gotten on to read what's going on in the lives of some of my favorite mom bloggers (I love blogspot's little reader pane at the bottom of your dashboard- puts all of the blogs I follow right there for me to read- yay!) You ladies are amazing, and kept me smiling this week. Thank you so much!
I know there's probably so much more I could write about for this week, but 7's a good number, I think. And, like I said above, I'm always thankful for my family and friends, so these are just bonuses that occurred this week for me. Family and friends have been a huge part of this week, though, and I am thankful for the wonderful support I do have when the ish hits the fan.

So, here's to the future, to getting through this, and to my family being better than ever before. I have faith, I do. And, I will make it happen!

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  1. Sorry you've had a rough week, but doing a post like this during a tough time is so great!

    I totally believe in the 'gut' one. Hubs and I have always been really good at putting the meddling/indecisive thoughts aside and letting our intuitions lead us. It's hard sometimes, but good for you for recognizing that!

    And, yes, family and friends above all! I'm wishing, so so so badly, that hubby wasn't deployed, let alone during the holiday season. Love those you love while you can. Good for you for being so aware of what you've got!