Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tengo Un Gato En Mis Pantalones- Wait, That's Not Right.....

"Tengo un gato en mis pantalones.... You really need to learn to speak Spanish so we can talk around the kids without them knowing what we're saying." Words actually spoken by my best friend this morning.

But, wait. This is Tucson. My kids may not be able to understand what's going on if we speak Spanish, but everyone else's kids around us will. And, I don't think something's quite right. Did you just teach me to say "I have a cat in my pants"?

Well yeah, that's what it technically translates to, but..... oh never mind.

This is actual conversation that occurred in my home this morning while getting the kids ready for school. I will back track slightly to catch you up at bit.

Today's agenda consists of heading to a thrift store to buy my kids pants. My daughter has already grown 2 inches since we bought her school clothes a few months ago, so thank goodness for the cowboy boots she insists on wearing each day and tucking her pants into (wasn't a fan of the look, but now that it's a semi-necessity, I applaud her for her individuality). My son prefers shorts, so we only bought him a few pairs of pants for school, and now the weather is finally getting a chill to it, so he needs new pants, too. But, as luck would have it (or Murphy's Law, or just plain logic of a one income household that hasn't gotten their ish together yet), money is an issue right now. So, the thrift store it is, while the kids are in school, but I had to try and explain to my best friend where we were going, without the kids understanding. I tried spelling, but quickly stopped that because my daughter is a spelling genius, tried some type of spastic sign language which just looked liked I had epilepsy, and finally when she got the hint of what I was saying, she said, 'Tengo un gato en mis pantalones...' Close enough in my book.

There are 2 reasons going to the thrift store must be kept a secret from the children.
  1. I'm not in the mood for 'I don't like that' (to a perfectly good pair of plain jeans), 'What about this?' (to a hideous leopard print skirt). I want to be able to head inside, pick up some good, multipurpose pants, and leave without an argument, tears or whining. So, the less they know about my shopping antics during the day, the better off I am.
  2. We've had money issues before, so the kids are no stranger to thrift stores or Goodwill, but, if they don't know the pants came from a thrift store, then score one for mom. No need to try to explain to the 8 year old why we aren't going to her favorite store, Target, or to the mall.
Money is tight right now, needless to say. Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, but, if you know about my recent history, you know that we haven't been a full family unit again for very long. So, getting adjusted to being a family again, moving 2000 miles, and working on just my husbands income right now is all being thrown in with the holidays coming up. Yeah, slightly stressful.

This weekend though, I started taking steps to help us out financially, and some of the steps I'm quite proud of and excited about. (And, just so you know, none of the links go to any of my personal listings or sites. I'm not here to push my stuff, I'm here to give info, so you'll see all the links go to the homepages of these sites.)

  1. I checked my husbands tax info, and found out he was still claiming Single with 0 Exemptions. So that's why our refunds every February have always been amazing. I ran a few scenarios through the Yahoo! Personal Finance calculator and found that even if we split the difference, have him go Married with 2 exemptions instead of the full 4 he's entitled to, we not only get $200 more a month in his paycheck, but we'll still get a nice refund in February. So, status changed, effective with his next paycheck. Score 1 for mom on the financial playing field.
  2. We listed crap wonderful items that we no longer have use for but other people may on Craig's List. Sold our old washer and dryer immediately (some of the money I will use today for the kids' clothes). Score 2 for mom.
  3. Finally took pictures of the rest of my store's inventory that's been sitting around for almost 2 years since my store closed and put that on Ebay. Already sold $20 worth, and I still have 4 days til the listings end. Score 3 for mom.
  4. Went ahead and took the leap, again, and opened up an online store for my crafty side. I chose to go through Etsy this time, as it seems to have exploded since I first looked at Etsy when it launched a few years ago. It's actually perfect for all of the crafty stuff I make, since it's all handmade and unique. The fees are minimal, and you get a store look for free (whereas with Ebay Stores you have to pay a monthly fee to have a store). Now, I just have to get cracking on making the items for the store.... Score 4 for mom.
  5. I looked into a work from home business that's been helping stay at home moms for about 25 years. Pretty reputable, love the products. I think I'm gonna go ahead and give them a try. Fingers crossed, and Score 5 for mom.

With hard work and determination, I'm hoping that all my pieces of the puzzle will fit into place nicely with me contributing decently to our income. I do understand that making money is only part of the puzzle. Saving money is part, too. Watch our spending, shop sales, clip coupons, only buy necessities, which brings me full circle to:

Tengo un gato en mis pantalones- shopping for my kids' pants at a thrift store. Might be step 6 or 7 overall of this financial transformation, but it's one of the big ones, I think. And, the step I'm taking today with all of this. I'll probably sign up for this work from home business today, too, and start making items for my Etsy store. I feel positive about all of this, I do. Fingers crossed....


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