Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Rambling: Homemade Christmas, Money and Figuring Out That 'Something' Feeling

I woke up this morning with the overwhelming urge to do something. You'd think my yesterday, full of making Brunswick Stew for 6 hours, firing up the bread maker for the first time in 4 years and baking cookies would have been enough something for me. Guess not, because today I'm antsy. I don't even know if I could explain what type of something I'm feeling.

With this feeling of needing to do something, also came the feeling that Christmas is right around the corner and I haven't bought a thing for anyone. And, my son's birthday is a week and a half away and again, haven't gotten him anything, either. So, it's a mini-panic that I awakened with this morning, but with no easy solution. Money is really tight right now, so everything is going to have to be researched and bought with precision in order to get the most for our money. A pain in the ass, yes, but I always seem to have a sense of accomplishment when I save money or get a great deal on something.

Wait..... that something feeling is starting to take shape. Let's explore this more, continue to ramble freely, to see if the something completely emerges from the shadows...

Ok, where were we? Oh, yeah. Christmas: tight this year; money-saving; warm, fuzzy feelings. Urgh, I haven't even begun to think about my hubby or best friend for Christmas. OMG, or the extended family. Normally I make things for the extended family- parents, grandparents. Last year I believe it was pictures of the kids. Or that was the year before last? Blasted all. Anyway, yeah, possible idea again. I made gift baskets one year, complete with cookie mix in a jar type stuff, handmade pillows, my handmade bath stuff.....

The something is forming a little more now. Do I want to make things today? See what I have in my craft bin, fabric bins, etc and start looking up some homemade gift ideas? Possibly, possibly, yes, but let's ramble a little bit more....

The *something*
Money-saving: warm, fuzzy feelings; let's head back to that. It's Sunday- Sunday newspaper... grocery coupons... oh, coupon websites where you print your coupons... I do have to buy groceries this week... Yep, that just got added to my list of things to do today, with a smile, of course. I love saving money, so I don't mind clipping coupons at all.

The something has a little more shape now, but still not quite there.

Money is tight right now, that's for sure. I find it hard to believe the something feeling would have to do with making money, because last night I already made a list of things I needed to do today when it came to that. Relist auctions on Ebay, take pictures of more stuff for Craig's List, finish up the banner for my Etsy store and get the few items in that I've made so far. Yeah, all of these already on my list of things to do today. So, if that was the something feeling, it wouldn't still be there when I began to think of the things I already planned to do today, right? Yeah, I'm still missing something...

Recap so far of what we have figured out about this something feeling: Look through craft stuff to figure out family Christmas presents to make, clip coupons, complete my list of money earning ventures for the day.... Damnit, something is still missing... Let me go read what I've written so far, see what sticks out...

My son's birthday and my family's Christmas. That's it. That's the something I need to start to take care of today to make that feeling go away. I do have that $20 credit at Game Stop- perfect for a video game for my son's birthday. And, my kids' book club order is due back soon; the teacher sent a note with it saying if we wanted to buy things as a Christmas present, to let her know and she's keep it a secret from the kids. You can always get really good deals on book packages with those orders. Another possibility. And, since I will be on Ebay and Etsy already today, listing items, I might as well search around for some great deals for the kids, hubby, and Z (best friend). No harm in putting things on a 'watch' list, is there?

So, there you have it. The something has finally taken shape, and I know what to do today to feel accomplished. That, in itself, is an awesome feeling. Wonder what to start with? Get up and start rummaging through the garage, my craft bins, taking pictures? Or sit here with my cup of coffee and internet surf for a while? Ummm, coffee and lazy-productive wins right now. Don't judge; I just woke up.....


  1. I know that something feeling and also that sense of accomplishment when ya figure it out! Good luck! :-)

    Visiting from MM's blog hop. Reading your Facebook post next!


  2. Oh, it's always hard for me to get started especially on Sundays. Always good to sit with a cup of coffee and be lazy-productive. I like that.

  3. Following you from the Meditative Mom blog hop. Have a great week ahead!

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