Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday is Zombie Kitty Day!

This kitten sure keeps us on our toes and could have an entire ICanHasCheezburger page devoted to her. So, I've declared Saturday as Zombie Kitty Day!

Earlier this week, Zombie Kitty found a new hiding space. This is the lazy susan section of our kitchen cabinets, where I store our spices and other cooking items. She climbs in when I'm not looking, and this time got stuck when I spun the lazy susan closed. Meowing ensued, and this is how we found her....

Let me out, NOW!!! And I mean NOW!!!

After a few minutes of laughing, and 'You need to ask nicely' from me, she calmed down....

Preeettty please let me out. Look how cute I'm being!!
Has she learned her lesson? Nope. I still catch her sneaking in while I'm cooking all the time. Oh, well.

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