Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Opposite of Wordless Wednesday

Have you ever felt the need to just ramble? Somehow make concrete all of the thoughts and ideas swirling through your head? Maybe the thoughts are all related, but you don't know how until you get it all out. That's what I feel like doing today, so, where most Mommy bloggers are posting pictures that say it all, I'm going to be saying it all in an attempt to quiet my mind.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Today, I need to run to the store to get butter, milk and bread, and I'll be ready to go. I do absolutely love Thanksgiving; I love being in the kitchen, the rush of cooking such a huge meal, and the satisfaction on my family's faces as they are eating and when the feast is over. It sometimes seems a waste, though, cooking for hours upon hours to just have it devoured in 30 minutes. But, while I've joked about it in the past, I've never really viewed it as a waste. Hubby even told me yesterday that he invited some of the single guys from work over, since they don't have anywhere to go. My response is always, 'The more, the merrier.' Hell, I have a 21 pound turkey. Please, by all means, invite people.

I'll throw in here (since this is a mommy/home blog) my menu for Thanksgiving. Turkey (stuffed with an onion, sage and rosemary), stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried apples, deviled eggs, yeast rolls, pumpkin pie (Sara Lee), and pecan pie (Marie Callenders). Yes, I bake, I swear I do. But, the already made pies were on sale, buy 1 get 1 free. I calculated it, and I couldn't make the pies cheaper than I could buy them. So, I cheated. Now, instead of baking pies tonight, I'll be cuddling with my kids on the couch drinking hot chocolate and watching either iCarly or Avalon High. Win-win situation if you ask me.

So, I found out that one of the drama starters back east was in a pretty bad car accident yesterday. She wasn't hurt, so that's good, but I actually got asked last night by a friend that I used to work with, if I caused her accident.... yeah, WTF, right? A little background, I guess....

I used to own a new age store- you know- crystals, herbs, fairies, dragons, incense, candles, hippie dippie sh*t, as I used to say. I learned a lot in those 3 years, from my customers, for my customers, for my own curiosity, and I studied just about every religion or spiritual belief out there. Most of my customers were pagan, yes, or practiced what's called HooDoo (it's VooDoo without the religious beliefs behind it)~ my store was pretty deep in the south, where HooDoo had been around for hundreds of years. It's actually pretty fascinating stuff, not my cup of tea, but I still studied it so when my customers came asking for something, I would have it ready for them (raw materials, that is).

To completely get off subject for a moment, I want to share with you some of the things I 'learned' from my HooDoo customers. If you bury your husband's underwear in the back yard, he will never cheat or stray. If there's a person you want to leave your house (like a relative that has overstayed their welcome), take one of their socks and either throw it into the bed of a truck that's going away from your house, or tie it to the bumper of a car driving away from your house. They'll get up and leave within a few days. If someone has come by your house that you never want to return, nail down nails into their footprints left outside your house leading up to your door, and they'll never return.

See why I found it so fascinating? This stuff has been done for hundreds of years, passed down through generations. I always loved when my HooDoo customers came in; I always got an ear full, an eye full, and my mouth dropped open from the things I was told- it was great!!

So, back to the original post about Karma. Yeah, I was asked if I 'caused' her accident, and was actually highly offended by it, for the following reasons:

  1. Just because I owned a new age store and am familiar with worldly religions and practices, doesn't mean I practice them. (We all know about porn, right? So, that must mean we are all out there, having sex on camera and making tons of money selling it, right?)
  2. If I did practice anything like that, don't you think I would have won the lottery by now? What have I posted more about on my blog- drama problems or money problems? Exactly. 
  3. If I could even cause something like that to happen, wouldn't I have taken out the source of all of my drama, the Head Vampire, the Alpha Male, by now? Why go for little minions? 
  4. Apparently, people must think I have nothing better to do with my time. Okay, yeah, you got me, I'm sitting in my closet, hand making a voodoo doll out of her hair (which I collected before she started any of this drama, you know, just in case she would, and kept it with me through a 2000 mile journey away from that horrible place), surrounded by candles, a chicken's head (crap, I did just post about sacrificing a chicken the other day, didn't I....), a goat (just in case), speaking in tongues and rocking back and forth while I put the voodoo doll into a Barbie corvette (had to use what was around me) and threw the corvette up against the wall. Meanwhile, my children are starving, the laundry isn't getting done, the house is a wreck, the bills aren't getting paid, people can kiss my Happy Bunny about Thanksgiving dinner being cooked or Christmas presents being bought, I'm on a mission, damnit .... Yeah, you're right. Sounds completely logical. 
  5. Most of those practices have beliefs of what goes around comes around, i.e. Karma. If I spend time and energy to hurt another person, that will come back to me (with some beliefs, it comes back to you times 3). Why in the hell would I ever try to hurt someone if it's just going to come back on me? If the person isn't a good person, who goes around hurting other people for no reason, Karma will get them....  Ahh, light bulb. 
So yes, it's my belief that she got a little piece of Karma pie. Just because of what she did to me? No, I'm not that self centered and arrogant. She's just not a good person; she lives her life creating drama for other people, making up lies, fabricating emails to support those lies (yes, readers, it was *that* one), and I'm not the only person she's done stuff like this to. So, call me a bitch for saying she got what she deserved (yeah, another 'Did she just say that?' moment- I warned you all about them.). She wasn't hurt, and I don't ever wish harm on other people, but I don't believe in coincidences, either. So, will she take the lesson Karma has given her and change her evil ways? I won't hold my breath...

*DEAL ALERT* Tomorrow, yes, Thanksgiving, Walgreens is starting their Black Friday sale. All of their $9.99 toys are going to be 1/2 price, and there's a limit of 4 per purchase. I took a look at these toys, and they aren't bad. A lot of art sets and games. So, I'm heading to Walgreens tomorrow when they open at 9am and finishing up the kids' Christmas shopping. If I can score 3 of these 1/2 price deals, then total Christmas for the kids (including Santa) will be at roughly $220. That's a big joint present from Santa, one Santa present for each kid individually, and 4 presents each under the tree from us. I'm stoked about that final spending total. And, I finally gave up on the Ghoulia Yelps doll for my daughter and forged my own path through the holiday chaos. I purchased 3 My Scene Barbie dolls and 2 brand new outfits for the dolls off of ebay, and I'm going to give the dolls a zombie makeover myself. Dye the hair, paint on new makeup, have fun with the clothes a little bit. Total cost for 3 handmade, one of a kind, zombie Barbies with multiple outfits.... $13.00. Can't beat that, and I now have an art project to do. I'll definitely post before and after pics.

On the flipside of that, hubby came to me yesterday with a confession. When I went to pick the kids up from school yesterday, he jumped on ebay to find these books I had been trying to tell him about, ones I wanted for me. His intentions were amazing- jump on my computer, find my watch list on ebay, see what the books were, then order them for me through his account and I'd just continue thinking he wasn't interested in the things I had picked out for myself, all the while, he sneakily had purchased them. The only problem with this plan? Everything I was watching to purchase for him, was on my ebay watch list, as well. So, he saw all the ideas that had been floating through my head, the offer I had put in on one item (just to be shot down immediately), and now I'm not sure what to do. Continue on with the original plan but tell him I was having to think of something new, or just try and find something else? Urgh, men...

My Health
I've had all kinds of health problems since I was an early teenager, though it's never been anything too serious. I've seen doctors, chiropractors, researched natural remedies, done yoga, gone through physical therapy, and nothing ever worked for too long- well, I take that back. The most amazing I ever felt was when I was doing yoga. I do need to get back to that.... Anyways, I've always rationalized everything that came along. My dad and grandmother have arthritis, so that explains the achy joints and not being able to manipulate small objects sometimes (not to mention I probably have a touch of carpel tunnel from tattooing). I played sports in high school and then spent 3 years of my life hunched over people tattooing, so that explains the back problems. I don't get full proper sleep at night, and I smoke, so that explains the constant fatigue. I recently found out about a disease that actually would link together, and explain, everything that has ever been wrong with me, even down to the bouts of depression I go through. I'm not sure how I feel about that, though. I mean, it's scary to think of being diagnosed with something like that (I'm not mentioning it here just yet), but, a certain amount of a calm would follow of finally having everything explained. So, I'm not sure what to do about it, yet. I'll talk to hubby, see what he thinks, and go from there as to whether I go through the process of seeing if that's what's really wrong with me. I'm not a hypochondriac, either, so please don't think that. I wasn't on the look for something to explain what's wrong with me; I had just learned to live with everything, and had already rationalized out each individual ailment as to what caused it. This info just fell into my lap via a TV show, and I researched more into it. Weird, if that's what ends up being what's wrong with me. Again, I don't believe in coincidences...

It's funny; here it was, at the beginning of my post, I thought all of these random thoughts weren't related. Upon reading my entry today, I think they are...

I'm thankful. Thankful to have food on my family's table (good, roasted, sage and rosemary turkey food), to be a person firm in their beliefs who lives in the light and love of the universe and can find the humor in other people's misconceptions of me, to have pretty much completed my holiday shopping with minimal monetary damage done (one less thing to stress about), to have a husband who, despite his blunder yesterday, has an amazing heart and good intentions, and to possibly be getting the answers I need about my health after 10 years of questions, but for now, I still do have my health in tact; it's a bit beat up, but still good. 

So, there you have it. My thankful post for the season. I'm sure there will be another one tomorrow, but this one is true Tatted Mom style- chaotic, rambling, but eventually all makes sense...


  1. Love it!

    The one that sticks out to me the most is the hubby and the gifts online. That's the sweetest thing that he wanted to be all stealthy for you! He had the best intentions :-)

    I'm a yoga lover, and lover of the mentality that comes with it, and a believer in 'to each their own', too. That's what it sounds like you are, when you dealt with different walks of life running that store. Glad our blogs found each other!

    Your feast, literally, made my mouth fill with saliva. Enjoy! I'm bummed to not be cooking!

    And, I hope everything's healthy with you and you can still explain away all the symptoms :-)

    Have a fab' Thanksgiving!

  2. How could she even think you caused the accident? Did she by any chance think you were practicing hoodoo? And good for you on cheating with the pies ;). My family is out of town so I'm going to my brother's girlfriend's family for thanksgiving so I don't have to worry bout cooking! Have a lovely holiday!