Saturday, November 6, 2010

Facebook, Here I Come!

Went ahead and took the plunge today, and started a Fan Page for The Inklings of Life. Kinda scary, honestly, but I'm taking things one day, one post and one 'like' at a time. I found I had a lot of people emailing me, telling me they wanted to keep up with my blog, but didn't have a Google account. As I'm pretty much addicted to Facebook, I decided to appease my fellow Facebook addicts, and place my blog in their laps.

So, to the right you will see 'Follow Me on Facebook'. That way my blog posts get updated in your News Feed.

And, for fellow bloggers who would like to do the same for their page, yes, I had to Google how to do this (told you before, I'm new to this blogging stuff). So, here's an article to help you out How to Create Facebook Page for Your Blog.


1 comment:

  1. You've been 'liked'!

    And, thank you for your comment on our bliggity blog :-) Sounds like we'd have quite a bit in common! Plus, it never hurts to extend a shoulder, knowing all the stuff us Army wives have to deal with when hubbies are away, so thank you...and the same to you :-)