Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Wish List for my Blog

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; I took a few days off from blogging to spend time with the family and just relax. I think I opened my laptop twice in the last 4 days, and it was amazing, though I will admit I've missed my virtual family.

So now, with Halloween and Thanksgiving behind us, it's time to look ahead to Christmas. I've already done most, if not all, of my kids' shopping. Hubby and Z are in the works, as well as extended family. But, it's made me think about myself, though not in the greedy way, necessarily.  

I have a Christmas Wish List for my blog. Is that crazy? That's crazy. It's cool; won't be the first time I've had a crazy idea....

At the moment of this post, I have 75 followers, 33 'Likes' on Facebook and 9 followers via NetworkedBlogs (one of which is myself). I'm excited that my page view counter hit and surpassed 1,000 page views sometime during this busy weekend- that makes me smile! I have an average of 11 unique page views a day, which is cool. I can't help but want more...

Ok, so maybe this is me being greedy....

I have been blogging for a little over a month now. The positive feedback I have gotten about my blog has been amazing; wonderful comments, emails, shout outs, having my posts blogged about by other mom blogs, awards (I'm super excited about one I can't quite announce yet)- it's been tremendous, and all in the span of a month. So, I know people are reading, liking what they read, and I must be doing something right, because they're coming back for more, over and over again. (Hehehehe. Yes, I might be almost 30, but if you re-read that last sentence with the mind of a 15 year old, you'll giggle with me. Don't question, just do it...) Crazy enough, and I'm hoping most bloggers go through this, but I've questioned the focus of my blog already, this early into it. Does it have focus? Do people enjoy what I'm writing, or are they rolling their eyes and moving onto the next blog? Do I stand out at all? Is the look okay? Is there anything I need to do to attract more readers? Can you tell I have slight OCD......

I do sit and wonder these things and wonder how to find the answers to my questions and how to make my blog grow. I'm not necessarily a numbers person, when it comes to my blog. The number of followers for any of those avenues doesn't tell you how many people actually read your blog, or leave comments, or look forward to your posts. Hell, I follow probably somewhere around 100 blogs myself, but actually only read maybe a dozen blogs (some of which can be found on my Blogroll, but that's not all of the blogs I actually read) on a regular basis. So, while my Christmas Wish List for my blog shouldn't be focused on numbers, it kind of has to be, because it's the only concrete, measurable way I have of seeing if I'm reaching the goals for my blog. 

So here it goes, my Christmas Wish List for my Blog
  1. I'd like at least 100 followers (via Google) by Christmas. That's only 25 more, shouldn't be too hard, so, maybe raising the bar to 125 by Christmas would be a challenge. We'll see, but I'm aiming for 100 for now.
  2. I'd like at least 50 Facebook followers. That's 17 more, but seeing as I haven't quite figured my niche or focus on Facebook yet, that one might be a little difficult. Oh, that reminds me....
  3. I'd like to find my niche or focus for my Facebook page. I don't want it to just be a page for my blog to upload to. I want comments, discussions, photos- hell, I don't know. But, I need to figure it out. 
  4. I'd like at least 25 followers via NetworkedBlogs. I understand they operate through Facebook, but, it's still a great avenue to reach out to people. 
  5. I'd like to know whether my blog is doing anything out there. Comments are a great way, being featured in other blog posts, any form of actual human interaction with me or my blog would be amazing. I love reading the comments I do get, and especially love it when a new follower jumps right in with commenting on things. But, seeing something other than just numbers going up, good or bad, is what this #5 wish is about. 
  6. I'd like to write a guest post for someone else's blog. Isn't that crazy? I know, I know, but, if this is a wish list, shouldn't it include even the craziest desires??
For now, those are the wishes I have for my blog. I know that the easiest way to make my Christmas Blog Wishes come true is probably blog hops. I do love a good blog hop, and have found some amazing blogs that way, it's just sometimes I don't have the energy to do them. I'm not a person that follows another blog just to get my numbers up. I won't follow every blog listed on a blog hop; I have to find the ones I'll enjoy reading. I do, however, follow people who follow me, out of courtesy. When I'm blog hopping, though, I like to let the new blogs I find, know I'm there and why I decided to follow them. So, that's reading through their blog, finding a post to comment on, commenting, and moving on to the next one. Takes a lot of energy sometimes. Because of the energy that I devote to blog hopping, I don't join like 10 blog hops a day; I just recently started doing Thursday, Friday and weekend ones. I haven't had the energy to add Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday ones, yet. 

Other than blog hops, I'm lost. I'm a member of several mommy blog networking sites (check my left sidebar for them), and generally speaking, when I write a new post, I post it on those sites, as well. Gotten quite a bit of feedback from some of them. 

I'm also a member of one vote site. Waiting to have a blog for 90 days to become a member of another one. But, unfortunately, out of like 500 blogs listed in the category I'm listed in, I'm ranked like 460. Yeah, maybe with followers comes increased votes. Fingers crossed....

So, Inklingers (that's what I call y'all, hehehe), ideas, feedback, comments, bring it on, please!! What has worked for you all? For those just starting out like me, what do you do to increase your following (and, do you have the same thoughts that I do, so early into the blogging world)? For those that have a hell of a following, what worked for you? Or, am I the only one that thinks about followers, or expanding, or if my blog is doing anything in this virtual world? 

I'm not fishing for complements, either; not the purpose of this post. I'm actually fishing for constructive criticism, what I'm doing wrong, what I need to be doing, ideas that have worked for others- things like that. So, virtually beat me up and spit me out... gently though. I do bruise. 

And, may my Christmas wishes for my blog come true.  Santa. Please? Grant me my Christmas wishes for my blog? I've been a good girl this year. Well, there was that one time with the chicken and the goat, in the closet.... hmmmm.....


  1. I'm no blog expert, and just like you, I'm a rookie myself.  Half of my followers are probably people I suckered into following me (bribes, blackmail, death threats, etc.) just so I could attain some form of semblance with the more seasoned bloggers.  But here's the thing, I stopped following and networking with other bloggers I really don't have any interest in reading.  I follow the ones I sincerely want to follow and read everyday, and likewise, comment on the posts that pique my curiosity. I asked myself:  Self?  What do you really want to achieve from this blog?  The fame that having 1,293,323,023 followers brings?  Or the comfort of being surrounded by like-minded, witty mommy bloggers who have a penchant for swearing? 

    Fuck that, I'll take the 1 million followers any day.  What about you?

    Anyway, sorry for rambling here in your own blog, but all I'm getting at is.. I think we'll all get there soon.  Just keep on writing and build your content.  Make your readers want to read you.  Ask yourself what your purpose is.  Do you want to do giveaways?  Because seriously, those things bore me. Good luck to you and I look forward to your future posts.

    By the way,   you have one less follower to worry about now ;-)


  2. I feel much the same way you do...I've been blogging for a while, but only started to try and get my blog readership up in the last 8 months or so. I created a blog FB page, but I'm not sure how to make it work best for promoting. And, like you, I want the people that follow me to WANT to and to look forward to my entries.

    I love your blog and think it's really amazing, and can't wait to read your entries...just so you know that.