Friday, November 12, 2010

Black Friday Can Kiss My... Yeah, That

It amazes me how each year Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier. Yes, I know it's always the 25th of December, but have you noticed how the stores used to promote their Christmas items and sales starting with Black Friday- the day after Thanksgiving? Then slowly in the beginning of November you began seeing Christmas decorations pop up in stores, stocking stuffer packages, and advertisements telling you that you need that new fandagled whatchamacallit in your home, or your friend does, so buy it for her. Now, stores are promoting Christmas with Halloween decorations still up, Thanksgiving just seems to get lost in the shuffle, and the stress level for those of us on a budget seems to start rising a little earlier than normal.

Hell, this morning, in fact, Yahoo! has an article on it's home page of the big sales you want to catch on Black Friday. It's 2 freaking weeks away, people. I'm still worried about getting my Thanksgiving dinner shopping done, and you want me to focus on Christmas? I've been known to do early shopping, don't get me wrong, but, things are tight this year. Maybe that means I need to be paying attention to the Black Friday sales. But here's the thing.....

Black Friday can kiss my..... yeah, that.

I have never fully understood Black Friday. Yes, the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season, yes, the major money-saving deals for the people who want to get up at 4 in the morning to do their shopping. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up in an area that really had Black Friday sales (the closest mall was over an hour away), or when I finally got out on my own, I worked retail, in a mall, on Black Friday, but I can't stand Black Friday. I stay in my house, off the roads, and sheltered away on Black Friday. I just don't get it.

It wasn't until hubby and I moved to South Carolina about 5 years ago that I really became immersed in the whole Black Friday thing. I had worked retail during Black Friday in years before that (as a store manager one year, 14+ hour day, and I was about 5 months pregnant- maybe subconsciously that's why I hate Black Friday...), so, I was on the flip side of the Black Friday madness. In SC, I had a friend who tried a few years to get me to go with her at 4 in the morning. Hell no, I'm still in a turkey coma, go ahead and go without me. She loved it, got up every year and did Black Friday. I finally asked her one year, "Why?". For her, it was the rush. She had 2 teenage boys who, of course like any teenagers, wanted the newest flashy, electronic gadgetmadoo. Through Black Friday, she was able to get her boys the things they wanted for a fraction of the price. I asked her if she minded the people, the cranky attitudes, the crowded craziness and, she really didn't. She, and some other friends of mine, had horror stories a few years of people fighting over TVs at WalMart, people putting their amazing Black Friday finds in their car and returning to the store just to have their car broken into in the parking lot and their items stolen while they were gone. But, in my opinion, she did the whole Black Friday thing right. She knew what her kids wanted, and researched who was putting what on sale, and went for it. What I really don't understand is, okay, sure you can get that $1000 laptop for $300 if you show up and stand in line starting at 4am. But, do you need that laptop? Is it an item that's on your Christmas list? Or, are you buying it for the sake of getting a $1000 laptop for $300?

That's the biggest way I tell Black Friday to kiss my.... yeah, that.

In my opinion, Black Friday is so over-marketed, and over-hyped, that it sends people into a whirlwind of 'I need that', 'I have to have that'. They put the items on sale that they want you to buy, and for a lot of people, it becomes 'Well, I couldn't pass up on that'. I've heard that some people go in with their lists, and when a frenzy is caused over in electronics because of the $2000 plasma TV that is going for $400, and there's only 5 left, all of a sudden it turns everyone's heads into, 'Maybe I need one of those, too? I didn't think I did, but there's only 4 left now, oh, wait, 3. Yeah, I need one'.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not in any way, shape or form saying that people who participate in Black Friday are brainless shopping zombies that just buy exactly what everyone else is getting or what they are told. But, you do have to admit if you are a Black Friday participant, the media, the stores, and the sales do somewhat affect what you will be buying. Even if you have your list ready to go, what happens when they've sold out of one of the items on your list? Do you leave the store empty handed or search for whatever replacement is on sale? What about that person you have no idea what to get for Christmas? Ohhh, Best Buy has iPods for only $50 that morning? They'd like an iPod, that's what I'll get them. HA! The industry, the sale, the media, just bought a little piece of you for Christmas.

I have been known to partake in Cyber Monday. (The website in link explains Cyber Monday for those that don't know about it and gives you links to websites that are running Cyber Monday sales.) It's not something I have marked on my calendar though, and I don't buy simply because something is on sale. With Cyber Monday, you don't get caught up as much in the rush or the moment of buying what everyone else is. You're in your home, quiet, with time to think about purchases before making them. It's a better way, in my opinion, of taking advantage of sales on items you were already going to buy. Many places do free shipping on Cyber Monday, as well, so it's equivalent to going to the store and buying it (or cheaper, seeing as you won't be spending the money on gas). So, that's definitely something worth checking out if you want to save a few bucks on your Christmas shopping while keeping your sanity in tact.

I'm always open for feedback, and especially experiences of those who are Black Friday enthusiasts. I do love hearing about how much money saved on things, and personal stories of what motivates you to wrestle the crowds early that morning. Horror stories are always welcome, too. So, now that you've heard my opinion on it, fire back! I love a good spirited debate!


  1. I am hoping to miss Black Friday this year (although I was looking forward to sales on towels and bedsheets), because it's the day of the state football championship and I'm really hoping my baby brother's team will make it (and win)! The game is on Friday night, so with any luck we'll be traveling down to Indianapolis and when we come back on Saturday he'll have a hefty new ring. :-) Ok I don't think they get the rings that day, but he already has one (and he's a sophomore), and I'd love to see the collection grow!

  2. I do like Black Friday! Mostly thought for what is on sale at the Drugstores! I am a new follower from the blog hop! Cute and lively blog you have! =)
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  3. I am proud to say that I have NEVER participated in Black Friday, and I hope to hold that record until I die. And I almost died this summer when I saw Christmas decorations right next to the Fourth of July stuff!! Ugh.
    I'm a new follower, hope you can stop by for a visit.

  4. I found your blog on a hop and look forward to following along! I have been out on Black Friday and now that I have three kids there is no way that I am going to subject myself to any more chaos than I already endure! I look forward to following along on your blog and hope you may wish to do the same!

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  7. Hi! Following you from Saturday Stalk. Lovely blog and I agree about Black Friday. I think this year, I will just get all my shopping done before BF. There are some good sales going on already. Have a great weekend and stop by when you get the chance:

  8. Hi, Morgan. I hate Black Friday because I am not that fond of shopping and much less when there are stampedes of people trying to fight their way to a sale. I am following and leaving my footprints on your page. Oh, and by the way, I love tattoos, I have three of them... ;)

  9. Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you now too.
    "If your life/desk/home/mind has no order, do what I do: Entitle it 'choas' and move on." - I love that!!!!
    I never understood Black Friday either. I'm from a small town and didn't even know what Black Friday was until a few years ago. I love your artwork! My Husband used to tattoo. I have a huge back piece that he tattooed and I love it.

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  11. I also dont understand black friday. I'm from england and had never heard of it till i moved her six years ago. I've never participated because i also dont get the 4am thing. Nothing is worth losing my sleep!

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  13. I can't imagine waking up at godknowswhathour the morning after Thanksgiving (or not sleeping at all!) just to go shopping. Black Friday can kiss my... yeah, that.

    Couldn't resist the bloghop!
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  14. Hey there...just came by from another blogger...I agree: I hate black fridays, people lose their ever-lasting minds. I will stay out of the way of the much as I LOVE to shop that is the one day I avoid. I am anticipating Cyber's somewhat "safer"?

    Anyways..let me mozy my way up to follow :)