Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paranormal State-of-Puh-leassee....

So, I wasted a half hour of my life the other night on the premiere of Paranormal State, because it featured a home in the town I spent the last 5 years of my life in. First, let me just point out I'm not a fan of Paranormal State in the first place; I find the show to be boring, does not show any type of 'evidence' whatsoever, and when you have a priest on staff to do exorcisms or blessings, yeah, you've hit 'corny' status. But, for the sake of seeing the town I just moved 2000 miles away from, and considering that a past time of mine in that town was "ghost hunting" (put in quotation marks because I don't like that phrasing- all I can picture is Ghostbusters walking around with packs on their backs looking for ghosts), I gave Paranormal State one last shot; 30 minutes of my life I will never get back.

I am in no way a paranormal investigator or an expert on ghost hunting. Basically, a group of friends and I (which, the group varied from 2 of us up to 2 full car loads of grown ups squished together) would head out to cemeteries at night, equipped with cameras, sometimes voice recorders for EVP (electronic voice phenomenon for those that don't speak ghost hunter), and sometimes video recorders. We never ventured into homes or buildings, mostly stuck to cemeteries or sites where tragedy occurred. Many of our trips out produced pictures of orbs, creepy EVPs, and one successful trip produced a picture of a white mist in the shape of a figure sitting on a grave (which, after 2 days of digging and calling everyone involved that night, I've finally given up looking for the picture- between the year it's been since we went and that picture was taken, the 3 cameras involved that night, the 6 or 7 people who went that night and the 2000 miles I moved away from there, the picture is gone--I think the ghost in the picture just made it damn certain that the evidence of their existence would never surface). One night we had something grab the shoulder of one of the girls with us, another night several of us heard old drums beating in rhythm in the distance and listened as they got closer and closer to us, another night I put my phone on video, set it down next to a mass grave of a school that had burned down, came back 2 minutes later just to find my phone was turned off (yes, with no one around it for 2 minutes- we left that cemetery pretty quickly thereafter), and another adventure had 2 of us, at the same time, hearing an old school bell ring, at the place where the school once stood but burned down decades before. If nothing else, we all at least had a fun evening, got our blood and adrenaline pumping, and could tell people we hung out at cemeteries at night (the looks are AMAZING!!)

Depressing as it is, I would love nothing more than to post the picture that almost without a doubt shows evidence of life beyond death- the misty figure sitting atop a grave. But, as stated before, the ghost wanted it's presence not known, so, below I've included some of the more creepier pictures we've taken. I can't say that these pictures can't be argued; I'm sure someone, someday, will tear them apart. But, for now, this is the 'evidence' of at least some weird stuff occurring the nights we headed out.

Top left, orb

Close up of orb


Bottom right corner, weird mist

In an effort to get a better picture of this mist, I snapped a picture immediately following the one with the mist above, and the white mist was not present in this picture

 Orb above second grave from the left

Close up of that orb (probably my favorite because it's oddly shaped)

For professionalism's sake, I need to state that these photos where not altered anymore than zooming in on them and cropping. No photoshop was involved (not that I'd know how to do that on photoshop anyway), and, nothing was manipulated at the scene of these pictures the night they were taken (flashlights, laser pointers, etc).

It is up to each person as to how they want to interpret these photos, or any photos of paranormal quality or supernatural in nature. Question everything- that's my philosophy. The photos above were taken by amateurs, a group of friends just out killing time (and, for the record, we have great respect for any cemetery we entered; we were never there to desecrate graves or party, drink, whatever- we always came, took pictures, sat in silence- we were wanting to see whatever we could of a paranormal nature), not by professionals or by experts. So, when shows like Paranormal State- "experts"- show up in the town I just came from (the town the lead guy is also from), pick a house that they end up showing no evidence whatsoever of being haunted (apart from one of the psychics saying she heard things, which did not show up on the audio of the camera, by the way), when there is so much more in that town alone to 'investigate' (rumor has it that the exact cemetery where those pictures above are taken is the same cemetery the guy that heads Paranormal State won't go into because of a bad experience as a child), then it makes me wonder how the hell they got a show in the first place. How is it these 'experts' can't even produce a picture or EVP or anything of evidence, but friends out at night with a camera can? Hogwash, I say.

So, for those interested in ghost hunting, or the paranormal, my personal opinion is to stay away from Paranormal State-- unless of course you want to be able to fall asleep quickly or want to remain a skeptic for the rest of your life on this matter. I personally recommend Ghost Adventures, which airs on the Travel Channel at 9pm on Friday nights. Zak, Nick and Aaron produce not only pictures, but video, EVP and so much more that provides evidence of the paranormal. It's just those 3 guys, so you don't have a huge crew stirring up and screwing up things during taping, and, while I've heard a lot of people say Zak is an ass, it's his 'in your face' nature at the places they go that gets this show, and these guys, more evidence then any other show or ghost hunting group. My 8 year old loves this show, too, and watches it with me (she enjoys getting the creeps). This all, of course, is just my opinion. And, for the record, I've never really watched Ghost Hunters, so I don't have an opinion one way or another on them. I got hooked on Ghost Adventures and stuck with it.

So, 'tis the season for Happy Hauntings!

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  1. This was taken in Hollywood Cemetery, look just past my daughter's little caboose on the stones in front of her O.o