Sunday, October 24, 2010

Introducing... Zombie Kitty!

Her names is Bones. No, we don't have a weird fascination with the TV show, she was found in a cemetery. Yep, that's right, a cemetery. Not a cemetery in the middle of town- no, this one was out in the middle of nowhere, miles from town.

Bones, the day we found her
Photographing cemeteries is a hobby of mine. I see the questions forming in your head now, but we're just going to run past that for time's sake. Back in September, the hubby, best friend and I headed to what was known as one of the creepiest cemeteries in our home town. As we drive into the cemetery, finding a road to the side of most of the graves to park so I can get out and begin taking pictures, we approach a bush and hear, 'Meow.' Car stops, we all look at each other in confusion- I mean, we *are* in the middle of a creepy cemetery in the middle of nowhere. Hubby jumps out of the car, and from underneath the bush comes running a long haired calico kitten, straight to him. No other cats around, no idea how old this kitten is, or how long she's been left to fend for herself in the cemetery. We immediately knew she was ours, that we would take her with us, and that thought was reinforced when she followed us all around the cemetery like a puppy on a leash.

Finding a kitten in a cemetery is a odd, in the least. My mind started wondering how long she had been there, how she survived, being so young, and how creepy it must have been at night for her. We jokingly started calling her Zombie Kitty, which, when the first night in a new home she climbs on top of you while you sleep and licks your face- you start to wonder how much of a joke it is.

So, with the idea in the back of my mind, I started observing Bones, our Zombie Kitty. Suspicions grew as we realized she had an ever-growing taste for human flesh; always licking us, giving us kisses. Could be the salt on our skin, but what if? Then, upon giving her her first 3 baths (altogether- she had spent her life up until then outdoors), my best friend snapped a picture of what we believe to be Bones' true self. Sure, the trauma from having 3 baths back to back could have shaken her, but what do we truly know about Zombie Kitties? Maybe washing the Zombie from her, the last of the graveyard, burned her poor flesh. We don't know....

During the day Bones was playful, cuddly, cute as a button. At night she drove us crazy with constant face licking (the craving for human flesh becoming too much for her?), and meowing to go goodness knows where. We soon carried her over 2000 miles with us as we moved to our new home to start over, and she did magnificently. Maybe she wanted to put her days as a Zombie Kitty behind her, start over, too, as a normal kitten, before our suspicions grew too much. She has her slips, though. Still licks faces, thoroughly enjoys video games with blood shed, and eats dead lizards outside. But, we feel she is in remission, trying her best to leave her Zombie days behind her.

Yes, my straw. Thanks, Bones....
She really is one of the most wonderful kittens ever. She's playful, yet will cuddle with you at a moment's notice. She constantly has us laughing when she comes running out from under the bed to attack our leg (relapse from her Zombie days??). She is mischievous, but so darn cute when she does it that we just smile (then get her off the table/counter/tv/etc.) We still have no idea how old she is, but she has probably doubled in weight since being with us (she was skin and bones at the cemetery). She's our special cemetery kitty, one we fully believe was meant to be with us.

I'll probably be singing a different tune when the craving becomes too much for her, when she can no longer hold her secret anymore, and she does actually take a bite out of my leg or rips a chunk of flesh from my face, showing her true self as a Zombie Kitty. I'm watching you, Bones, I'm watching you.....


  1. I'm not even a cat person, but that's an adorable cat!! Great pics!

    Thank you for stopping by the blog! :-)

  2. Thanks. =) And I loved yours- wonderful reads.

  3. What, so we can get more zombie hell pics? I'm down. =) She's currently hiding beside the bathtub, waiting to attack, so she's waiting for us...

  4. And oh how the similarities go on.....

    1. I've got my own zombie kitty, have you noticed weird splotches on your face when you wake up? Hmmm.

    2. My daughter's nickname is Kitty, e-mail: You guessed it. zombiekitty

    3. LOVE photographing cemeteries! Do you have any pics of Hollywood lying around? I might just make a run out there tomorrow and take some pictures to bring you back home for a bit, at least mentally :)

    4. Cats gravitate towards me like well....the sun. Ack! I've got so many outside I lost count and my husband says "stop feeding them" and I'm like...."Huh?" Pssht, as if. They're huuuuungry!

    Sigh, maybe we really were separated at birth? Who knows these days! Oh and I'd love love love to see some of your previous tattoo work! I'm all about piercings, just cuz ink costs too much, did a post on scarification recently though and now....well, I've done stranger things.

    Shit, I'm shutting up now, I think I could talk for at least another hour or two, but hell, we'll save it for another day!