Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ghost of Halloween Past...

So, Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. I love being able to dress up, be creative, take my kids trick or treating, and of course the candy is a perk. Usually, every year, I put months worth of time and effort into my costume; I refuse to wear anything that comes straight from the Halloween section of the store, and if I do end up buying something like that, I usually add my own touches. I don't spend a fortune on my costumes either. I shop at thrift stores, or make sure to get clothing I can reuse in everyday life. I put thought and effort into my kids' costumes, too, to try and make sure no other kids will be seen wearing their same threads.

This year, I'm not dressing up as anything new. Yeah, I know, a bummer. But, we just moved, haven't really met anyone to be able to throw a big Halloween party, so this year it's all about my kids. My son did ask me if I could dress up to take them to their Halloween party tonight, so I'll fall back to my trusty Mobster outfit- not gory, not revealing, appropriate for kids (most of my costumes aren't). So, that does make me smile.

Today I wanted to take a trip down Halloween Memory Lane, starting 4 years ago, when I really started getting into the Halloween night life.

Warning: Not sure what warning should go here, but I know there should be one. I blush when I look at these, and it's weird for me to be just posting them all out there. But, I'm always proud of my costumes, maybe not of how I tend to go for that slutty look, but hey, it's Halloween....

Halloween, 2006

Not exactly sure what you'd call this. Sexy demon girl? Yeah. It was the first Halloween party at the store I owned, so I may have put more effort into designing that than my costume that year. Nonetheless, a great night. 

Halloween, 2007
Sexy Demon Nun. I didn't actually pose for a picture this year, just happened to find this one. But yes, my costume involved an extra small dress bought at KMart (I'm a large normally), hooker boots, slutty makeup and horns. And that's my store in the background. 2nd Annual Parting of the Veil Festival. Ahh, I miss those days.

Halloween, 2008
Sexy Mobster. Yeah, the wonderful 'phone picture in mirror complete with dirty clothes in the background'. That's my default for this evening.

Halloween, 2009 (my favorite)

Dead Prom Queen. By far my favorite Halloween costume ever, for a number of reasons.
  1. The dress was free. I went to a thrift store, found someone's old, discarded prom dress, and when I explained to the woman what I was doing with it, I got it for free. So, that's an actual prom dress. Someone probably lost their virginity in it. Eww, yeah. It was a gorgeous dress, too bad I shredded it.
  2. It was so fun to create. I put the dress on, and friends shredded the dress with scissors, then coverd their hands with fake blood and just groped me. Then, we headed outside where they flung the fake blood on me and splattered me with mud. It was awesome.
  3. Doing my makeup was fun, too. Step 1- Do makeup in a slightly sluttier way than you normally would on prom night. Step 2- Take slightly damp hands and smear makeup down face. Step 3- Put on your lipstick like you have the shakes, and smear around. There, you now have Dead Prom Queen makeup.
  4. Total cost of the costume was pretty cheap. Dress- free. Boots- already had. Fishnet stockings and armbands- $5. Tierra- $10. Fake blood- $3. Makeup- already had. Dirt- free. Jewelry- borrowed from my sister. Pale skin- born with it. Sticky boobs because the dress was backless- $25~ blah, but they are reusable, so that's good.
  5. Yes, I did work this year. Somewhere, there is a picture of me tattooing in this costume (do you know how hard it is to position yourself around someone's chair or table to tattoo them, wearing a short dress like this? Ha!) I got amazing tips, that's for sure, lol. Must go find that pic.......

So, that's my visit down Halloween Memory Lane. This year I took a break, but that just means I have extra time to plan for next year. I'd love to do a mini haunted house for the kids in our garage, have an amazing Halloween party for the adults, and of course I should probably start thinking now about my costume. Something scary, sexy and amazing. I have a heck of a job ahead of me if I want to top last year's!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope your day and night are magical, and please be safe!!


  1. Homemade is definitely always best. I have dressed up for Halloween every year of my life and with the exception of occasional items, like a pig snout the year I was Miss Piggy, I avoid those Halloween costume stores.

    I also can't wait till next year when Baby Boy will be older. I want to host a family/kid friendly party.

  2. You are looking great at this dead prom queen dress.This is the best one that's why you like the most.