Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coffee I.V. Stat!!!

When you walk into my kitchen, in the far left corner you will find a coffee pot- one of those 'holds-20-gallons-but-you-can-only-fill-up-one-cup-at-a-time-by-pushing-a-button' types. You probably wouldn't be able to tell just by looking, that our coffee pot is by far the most used appliance we have in the house (and I'm including the washer and dryer in this!!). Upon further investigation, though, beside the coffee pot you are liable to find at least 2 bags of whole bean coffee (4 bags currently reside there right now), probably a small sample bag of flavored coffee, and, if you were to really snoop in my kitchen, a can of coffee in the cabinet below the coffee pot (along with necessary coffee filters, measuring spoon, etc), anywhere from 2-4 different types of creamer in the fridge, and a coffee grinder in the cabinet above the coffee maker. Yeah, we like our coffee here.

By no means are any of us in the house coffee connoisseurs. I don't travel the world looking for the perfect blend, nor do I ever stick my nose up at a cup of coffee because it isn't a certain type. I don't usually head to coffee shops- why pay $8 for something I can make at home for $0.25? And, I don't have one of those $1,000 cappuccino/espresso machines. I simply drink coffee.

I have been a member of one of those coffee of the month clubs in my time. Found them to be expensive, time consuming (when I want my caramel drizzle truffle coffee, I don't want to have to wait a week for it to be shipped), and, well, just coffee. Why obligate part of your monthly income to something that you can have fulfilled at the local grocery store? Because their coffee is 'gourmet'? Because it's 'fresh roasted'? Because it came from a tiny South American village that can only be reached by paddling a canoe down a river in the middle of the rainforest? With most of these monthly coffee clubs, you are paying for the hype. And, whatever coffee was 'fresh roasted' or 'freshly ground' that spends a week in shipment on the way to your house after it's sat at the company's warehouse for goodness knows how long, isn't any more freshly anything than what you can get at your grocery store! Now, don't get me wrong, some of their coffees are amazing, they are. But, when you drink coffee as often as I do, it's just not worth the investment in the long run.

So, I sit here, drinking my morning cup of coffee (today's choice was Pumpkin Spice coffee with Sugar and Spice creamer) as I blog, finally deciding to get to the point of this morning's caffeine-driven post. When it comes to fairly inexpensive, amazing tasting coffee, my choice is Millstone- yep, the stuff you can find at just about every grocery store (and no, I don't work for Millstone nor are they paying me anything for the product plug). Now, I do go one step beyond just grabbing my bag of coffee when I go shopping. I do prefer the whole beans that I can grind myself right before I make a pot of coffee. I've found the coffee is richer and tastes fresher when newly ground. I also do prefer flavored coffees, though sometimes a flavored coffee can clash with the flavored creamers we keep on hand, so at our house we tend to go for a richer blend of non-flavored coffee and select creamers to suit our individual tastes. And, for the most part, the darker the coffee, the better. Full roast, French Roast, Columbian Roast- all winners in my book. Millstone does have an organic line of coffees that I think are amazing tasting, for the same price as the other blends. No, I didn't buy into the whole rainforest thing when purchasing the organic coffees, I bought into the fact they were organic. They turned out to be some of the fullest flavored coffees I have ever tried. Amazing flavor, the smell is heavenly- just an awesome cup of coffee; definitely worth a try if you haven't had any before.

Considering I start each day off with a cup of carefully chosen coffee for that day, a flavored creamer to complement it, and possibly no sugar to get the full coffee taste, a blog about coffee was definitely due in my life. And not to knock brands like Starbucks, or Eight O'Clock, or even Folgers or Maxwell House, I just prefer Millstone to be in my cup in the mornings (though I said before I'd never stick my nose up at a cup of coffee just because it wasn't a certain type). And, for those times I get to splurge a little, Godiva coffee is my weakness (as is Godiva chocolate). Chocolate Truffle can start off any day in the right direction!

Happy Coffee-ing!!


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